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Why is Robert Kardashian Not on the Kardashians?

The Kardashians are one of the hottest reality shows on television. They are so popular that they have spawned a series of spinoffs that feature the cast members in different scenarios. However, Robert Kardashian seems to be missing from the cast list.

Blac Chyna’s defamation trial

Chyna’s defamation trial in Los Angeles ended on Thursday, with a jury awarding no damages to the reality star. The family ruled that Blac Chyna did not maliciously defame them.

Chyna’s attorney said that she was triggered during the cross examination by the Kardashians’ lawyer. She claimed that they acted in bad faith and interfered with her contract.

Chyna’s lawsuit claims that the family ruined her career. She also alleges that the Kardashians were responsible for the cancellation of Rob & Chyna. They also accused her of domestic abuse.

In addition to Chyna’s legal team, other key witnesses included Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble. Jenner’s longtime boyfriend allegedly complained to network executives about the violence she experienced during her relationship with Blac Chyna.

Chyna’s trial lasted ten days and featured all of the Kardashians. Almost everyone in the family took the stand. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner wore suits and tan duster jackets while their father, Pete Davidson, sat in the back of the courtroom.

Weight gain

It’s hard to believe that Rob Kardashian has retreated from the public eye for almost two years. In the early 2010s, the reality star struggled with mental health and weight issues. He gained a significant amount of weight, a condition that has recently flared up again.

After a tumultuous romance with Blac Chyna, the former best friend of Kim Kardashian, Rob decided to put his health first and chose to leave the family matrimonial show KUWTK. Despite his absence, Rob made a cameo appearance on the March 2019 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While Rob is no longer on television, he is still focusing on his health and has recently started to make small appearances on his own terms. Although he’s still putting on the pounds, he’s looking better than he has in a while.

He’s also reportedly working on his fitness and recently announced that he’s expecting his first child with Blac Chyna. Whether he’s doing it for his daughter Dream or for himself, there’s no doubt that he’s making a serious effort to maintain his physical fitness.

Mental health issues

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you may have noticed that Rob Kardashian has been mostly absent from the show in recent months. His absence from Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker was noted in Us Weekly, but other than a few brief appearances and social media posts, you may have never really thought much about his presence.

In spite of his absence, however, Kardashian fans remain concerned about the health of Rob. Many of them believe his mental health problems could be the reason why he hasn’t been seen on the show lately.

Although Kanye West has been very open about his own struggles with mental health, his brother Rob hasn’t been as forthright about his own issues. While Rob hasn’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, he’s experienced some depressive episodes in the past.

However, in the last few years, the Kardashian family hasn’t been as concerned about Rob’s health as they once were. That’s because Robert is still relatively new to being a father.

Marriage to Adrienne Bailon

When Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon met, they both felt they had a good connection. After a couple of months of dating, the two decided to get married. However, the marriage did not last long. In fact, the couple’s relationship ended after an infidelity incident.

Despite their breakup, Bailon and Kardashian remain close. Both are friends with each other and they frequently spend time together. They are both involved with their families. As for their recent relationship, they haven’t been seen publicly together.

Adrienne and Rob’s relationship started in 2007. But they soon broke up. Although they were romantically involved in the late 2000s, they later called it quits in 2009.

According to sources, Bailon’s relationship with Rob was overshadowed by her relationship with Kris Jenner. She and her ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, were first spotted together on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The two eventually went on to form a new family. This included a son, Ever James Houghton, who was born in August.



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