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Who Was Ivanka Trump’s First Husband?

If you’re a fan of the recent Trump family drama, then you’ve probably wondered who was Ivanka Trump’s first husband. Well, you’re in luck! There are several options, including Alfred Winklmayr, Donald Trump Jr., and Jared Kushner.

Alfred Winklmayr

Alfred Winklmayr was Ivana Trump’s first husband. They were married for two years. Afterwards, they divorced.

As a child, Ivana had a passion for skiing. She studied at the Charles University in Prague. She also worked as a ski instructor. Afterwards, she moved to Canada. She graduated with a masters degree in physical education.

When she was 22, she married Alfred. They moved to Canada together. Later, she founded her own lines of beauty products. She also started her own jewelry line.

She was also known as a model. She started her career in 1975. She also had her own fashion lines. She wrote several books. She was a successful businesswoman. She was passionate about her work. She was an accomplished skier.

Her first husband, Alfred, was a ski instructor. He was an Austrian citizen. He and Ivana met in 1976 in New York City. They got married in 1977. In 1990, they relocated to Sydney, Australia.

When Ivana and Alfred were married, they had a daughter. The name of Ivana’s daughter was Ivanka. The two became close.

Donald Trump Jr.

Ivanka Trump was the daughter of Donald and Ivana. She is the fourth of the five children of the Trump family. She is also the first Jewish member of an American first family. Ivanka Trump was also an advisor to her father during his presidency.

Ivanka’s mother was a former model. Ivana’s husband, Donald, was a real estate mogul. They married in October 1993 at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

After marriage, Ivana and Donald divorced. Ivana walked away with a home in Connecticut, and she was granted US$14 million in child support payments. Ivana eventually turned her focus to business. She founded a fashion line called Ivanka Trump Collection. She is also a fashion jewelry designer.

Ivana’s mother, Mary, immigrated to the United States from Scotland. She began her career as an attorney. She later became an Assistant United States Attorney. She retired from politics in 2019. She had three children, and one of her children, Barron, shares his mother’s name.

Jared Kushner

One of the key players on Donald Trump’s transition team was Jared Kushner. He had a long career in politics and a family business. He earned a dual MBA and law degree from New York University. He helped develop Trump’s digital media strategy during the 2016 presidential campaign. He also had a strong relationship with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Kushner family is a real estate and media dynasty. His father, Charles Kushner, served 14 months in jail for hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law.

In the early 2000s, Ivanka and Jared Kushner were married. They moved to a $5.5 million home in the Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., where they had three children.

They were the subject of a lot of scrutiny in Washington, as he had numerous conflicts of interest. When he was serving as a senior adviser to the White House, he helped broker a trade agreement between the United States and Mexico.

Ivanka Trump’s memoir

In Ivanka Trump’s memoir, Raising Trump, the former model and model’s mother recalls her childhood in Communist Czechoslovakia and her time with President Donald Trump. She also recounts her marriage, her courtship with Donald, and her role as a parent. Ivanka’s adult children play a central role in her book, as well as Don, Jr.

Ivanka grew up in a family of money, and she always wanted to seem rich and deluxe. Ivanka inherited her mother’s canniness and passion, and she modeled strength in every action she took.

Ivana’s memoir will include an excerpt from her adult children, who played a major role in President Trump’s campaign. Her book is set to come out in September, and the focus is on her childhood in Czechoslovakia, and her marriage to Donald Trump.

Aside from Ivana’s own biography, the memoir will include anecdotes about her life, her romance with Donald, and their three children. Described as “non-political,” the book will be published by Gallery Books, which is part of Simon & Schuster.



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