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Who Owns Gold’s Gym Venice?

Located in Venice, Florida, Gold’s Gym Venice has been a popular gym for both men and women since it opened its doors. In recent years, the gym’s owners have been Joe Gold and Rainer Scaller. However, a few months ago, the gym was sold to the RSG Group.

Joe Gold

During the mid-1960s, Joe Gold owned Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. This gym was a landmark in the bodybuilding world. Many celebrities, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Linda Rondstadt, and Janet Jackson, trained at Gold’s Gym.

Joe Gold also owned a World Gym in Santa Monica, California. This gym was a lot bigger than Gold’s gym. It was a good thing Gold started the World Gym because it meant more recognition for him.

Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, has undergone many changes over the years. Gold sold the gym to a couple of entrepreneurs in 1970. Bud Danitz and Dave Saxe ran the gym for two years. Then Gold decided to sell the gym to a new group of investors.

The gym is now owned by a group of German fitness company RSG Group. It has a 47,000 square foot facility on Hampton Drive. It will feature the most advanced equipment ever seen. It also has a new community area. There is a fitness competition, protein bars, and free drinks.

Rainer Scaller

Earlier this week, a private plane carrying a fitness tycoon, Rainer Schaller, and his son, Aaron, crashed in the Caribbean Sea. The aircraft had been traveling from Mexico and had lost contact with the control tower. Several bodies were found, along with pieces of the aircraft. However, the identity of the people who were aboard have not been released. The Costa Rican coast guard has searched for victims along the coast of the country since the crash.

Schaller is a German entrepreneur who started a fitness business in 1997. He is the founder of the RSG Group. The company is a conglomerate of fitness, fashion, and lifestyle brands that operate in 48 countries. It also includes the Gold’s Gym brand.

Schaller started out in the fitness industry by opening a gym in his parents’ house. He then went on to buy the Gold’s Gym brand and became part of the RSG Group. He also founded several other gym brands. He has a net worth of approximately US$250 million.

TRT Holdings

Originally founded in 1965 in Venice Beach, California, Gold’s Gym now operates 650 fitness centers across six continents. Its gyms offer strength training and cardio equipment. It has also introduced a line of food supplements and apparel.

In 2004, a group led by Robert Rowling’s TRT Holdings bought Gold’s Gym for $158 million. The company plans to exit bankruptcy this month.

In mid-May, Gold’s Gym announced that it would emerge from bankruptcy quickly. It plans to retrofit its existing gyms within two years.

It has also launched a new app, GOLD’S AMPTM. The app is currently cardio-based but plans to add strength training in the future. It has also released a bath and beauty line.

The company’s senior management will remain in charge of Gold’s Gym. TRT Holdings will serve as the stalking horse for the chain’s assets during bankruptcy auctions. It will also continue to buy smaller fitness chains.

The company has over 600 locations in six continents, employing approximately 2100 people. It has a line of exercise equipment, food supplements, and apparel.

RSG Group

Located in Venice, California, Gold’s Gym began as a small fitness studio in 1965. It was founded by bodybuilding enthusiast Joe Gold. The gym grew into a global brand, with more than 700 gyms around the world. In 1977, it was featured in the movie Pumping Iron.

The Gold’s Gym brand continues to lead the fitness industry today, serving more than 3 million people daily across six continents. It also offers a wide range of group exercise programs, top-of-the-line equipment, and a supportive environment.

RSG Group is a leading fitness and lifestyle company that owns a portfolio of 21 fitness brands. Its brands include Gold’s Gym, McFit, and Tigerpool. It also manages fashion designers and street art collectives. The group has more than two million customers and 41,000 employees. It operates in 48 countries.

RSG Group founded by Rainer Schaller has a rich history of building a global corporation. The company’s founding principles include sustainability and innovation.



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