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Who is Scott Adams Wife?

Who is Scott Adams Wife?

If you’re wondering who Scott Adams is dating right now, you’re not alone. Countless people are curious about the couple’s relationship, including his net worth and their children. This article will help you find out more about the couple’s background and how they met. Plus, it will tell you about Kristina Basham, the personal assistant to Miles Adams.

Kristina Basham

Kristina Basham is an American model. After posting her pictures on Instagram, she was noticed by two modeling agencies. She posed for several international labels and became a brand ambassador for several companies. She is currently a full-time model and writer, but she is also active on social media.

She was previously married to Chad Basham while she was still in college. They have two daughters. The relationship between Scott Adams and Kristina Basham started after Adams’ divorce from his previous wife. The two separated in 2016, but the relationship continued and the couple announced their engagement in December 2018. During their relationship, Kristina Basham was busy managing all of her personal and professional life in one place.

Scott Adams net worth

Scott Adams is a highly educated economist who has accumulated a net worth of $70 million. He started working for a bank in San Francisco in 1979 and worked his way up to a management position. He later worked as a computer programmer, budget analyst, and commercial lender. During this time, he was robbed twice, once at gunpoint and once while serving as a teller.

Scott Raymond Adams was born in 1957. He studied art and cartooning when he was only eleven years old. His first cartoon strip, “Dilbert”, has been printed in over a thousand newspapers and reaches people all over the world. His comic strip is a parody of corporate culture and describes the working lives of white-collar employees in modern companies.

Kristina Basham’s career

The relationship between Scott Adams and Kristina Basham began in 2016. Although both have similar age differences, the couple is very in love and have been posting lovey-dovey messages on social media. Kristina Basham has a very impressive athletic background. She was a gold medalist in the 20-mile race in elementary school.

Kristina Basham was born in 1988 and celebrates her birthday on July 31. She stands 1.68 meters tall and has two daughters. She was previously married to Hilsabeck, and the two were married for four years. During this time, she met and dated with Scott Adams, who is an American author and comic book creator. The couple is now engaged to marry.

Miles Adams’ personal assistant

In 2017, an article in Bloomberg revealed that Miles was the personal assistant of Scott Adams, who was married to the comic writer for eight years. Although they divorced in 2014, the couple is still on good terms. In a recent interview with ABC News, she defended her husband and revealed that she loves him.

Scott Adams is a popular comic creator. He is well known for his comic strip, “Dilbert,” and has written several books. He met his wife at a health club. After two years of dating, the couple got married and divorced in 2014. Apparently, their divorce was amicable and they have split up, but that doesn’t mean that they’re over.

Shelly Miles

After spending eight years together, Scott Adams and Shelly Miles finally decided to call it quits in 2014. However, the two remain on good terms. According to a 2017 Bloomberg article, Adams has been working as Miles’ personal assistant. Despite the news, Adams has kept a low profile.

In 2016, the actor’s first marriage ended in divorce, and he’s now married to Kristina Basham. The couple is currently still in love but are not engaged. However, there’s a chance that the two will split in September 2022.

Miles Adams’ divorce from Scott Adams

The couple met at a gym in Pleasanton, California. They were married for four years. Eventually, they divorced. The split came as a shock to many, but the two are happy now. Adams has been married before. He was married to Shelly Miles from 2006 to 2014.

After the split, they were on good terms. Adams described Miles as his “personal assistant,” and their relationship remained cordial after the separation. In 2017, an article published by Bloomberg revealed that the couple is now on good terms.

Kristina Basham’s social media presence

Kristina Basham is an Internet personality who is married to a famous American artist, Scott Raymond Adams. Adams is known for creating the comic strip “Dilbert.” Although the couple is not officially married, the couple has been making waves on social media, particularly because of the large age difference between the two of them.

Kristina Basham is a self-confessed social media celebrity, who is also an Instagram celebrity. In addition to running a bakery in San Francisco, she also serves as the vice president of online marketplace WhenHub. She is also a certified pilot and can play several musical instruments. The couple met in 2015, and got engaged in December of 2016. Scott Adams announced the engagement on his Twitter account on December 29, 2016, with a photo of her wearing an engagement ring he had hidden inside a box of chocolate.



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