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Who is Older Camilo Or Mirabel?

Who is Older Camilo Or Mirabel?

This article will compare Camilo and Mirabel to see which one is older. You can also compare Camilo to Dolores and Casita. Both characters are very close in age. However, their personalities are very different. Find out the real truth about each one by reading the full article!


Camilo is a character in the Disney animated feature film Encanto, scheduled for release in 2021. He is the middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. He is also the younger brother of Dolores and Antonio. In the film, Camilo is described as a “theatre kid,” and he has the magical ability to transform into any shape. However, he has no memory of his long-lost uncle, Bruno, or any of the other children in the village.

Camilo is 15 years old in the film. Although they are not as old as Mirabel, the film introduces a whole family of magical creatures. Camilo’s powers include shape-shifting, and he sometimes reworks himself into different characters from the nearby village. These characters have different roles within the household, and Camilo will often change to help those around him.


Mirabel is older than Camilo, and this difference could be the main reason behind her resentment towards the younger boy. They were once close, but something went wrong and Mirabel didn’t get the present she was looking for. Now Camilo wants to make amends and mend his relationship with her.

Although it is never explicitly stated that Mirabel is older than Camilo, the creators have made it clear that Antonio is actually younger than Mirabel. This is primarily because of his clumsiness and accident-prone behavior. His clumsiness is something that makes him more relatable to Mirabel.


Dolores Mirabel is older than her brother Camilo by a year, and their parents are separated by the Spanish Civil War. Both have magical abilities, including super-hearing, and they use them to prank each other and create mischief. However, Camilo has a very short fuse, and his temper is often erratic.

They’ve been in love with each other for a long time, and they are close friends. However, their closeness is not mutual, and they argue constantly about their feelings for each other. However, they share a deep bond. After learning that their fathers were engaged, Isabela tells Mirabel about her feelings for Camilo. They then spend the rest of the movie discussing their future together.


Camilo is the middle child of the Madrigal family, younger than Mirabel and Antonio, older than Dolores. He is also the nephew of Julieta and Bruno, and the cousin of Agustin, Isabela, and Luisa. He shares his first five years with his cousin, and on his fifth birthday he receives the Shapeshifting power.

As a child, Mirabel was eager to help her family, but she didn’t have the power to shapeshift. She’s not as strong as Camilo, but she has more strength and a bigger destiny as the leader of the Casita.


There is no way to tell if Bruno is older than Camilo or Mirabel. The two girls are a bit different, but their relationships are based on a similar basis. Camilo is the middle child in the family and is considered the unofficial theatre kid by fans. Mirabel’s four-year-old cousins are the cutest idiots and they always drag Bruno into the game night at the Madrigals’ house. Bruno’s parents have to keep an eye on him, but the children’s games keep getting in the way.

Mirabel is the Black Sheep, and when Alma accuses Bruno of not caring about his family, Mirabel refuses to accept the accusations. Mirabel has seen how Bruno had been living in filth for years and how he tried to scapegoat himself in order to keep his family together.


Isabela and Mirabel share the same birth date; however, Isabela is more than three years older than Camilo. Camilo is the middle child in the Madrigal family. He is also the older brother of Antonio, younger brother of Dolores, and cousin of Isabela and Luisa. Camilo and Mirabel are also second cousins, sharing a nursery for their first five years. On Camilo’s fifth birthday, he acquired the Shapeshifting ability.

The sisters are close. Isabela is the eldest daughter of Agustin and Julieta. Her younger brother Antonio has the same name as her mother, so it’s no surprise that the two of them get along. Isabela is also the older sister of Luisa, and she’s the niece of Pepa and Felix. The siblings’ cousins Camilo and Mirabel are also close, as is their aunt Dolores.



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