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Who is Dennis Rodman First Wife?

If you are a big fan of Dennis Rodman, you will want to know who is his first wife. It’s important to be able to identify and relate to a person’s history, so that you can be more understanding of who they are. There are many reasons why a celebrity chooses to marry another. Some people just want to be a part of a relationship, while others feel it’s a way of getting into the limelight.

Michelle Moyer
Michelle Moyer is the wife of the former NBA player Dennis Rodman. They have two children together. Their first child was born in 2000. The couple married in 2003, but they divorced in 2012.

The first marriage of Dennis and Michelle was short-lived. It took just nine days after the wedding before the pair decided to separate.

Moyer said that the reason for the split was due to her ex’s alcoholism. She claimed that he owes her around $808,935 in unpaid child support.

In fact, the alleged reason for the separation was also because of the fact that he refused to pay for his daughter’s college education. A court ordered him to do 104 hours of community service.

Michelle is now focused on raising her children. She has also appeared on several popular television shows. Her Instagram page is filled with family photos.

Michelle is a member of the Washington State University faculty, where she is involved with the Viticulture and Enology Extension News program. She has also been seen on her daughter’s YouTube vlogs.

Carmen Electra
In 1998, Carmen Electra married basketball star Dennis Rodman in Las Vegas. They were married for nine days before they decided to split.

The relationship between Carmen and Dennis Rodman is a whirlwind. During their nine-day marriage, they lost two family members. Their mother and sister died within two weeks of each other. Electra and Rodman later filed for annulment.

Both men were high-profile NBA players, and many fans believed they were romantically involved. Electra was also a Baywatch actress. She also appeared on other movies and shows.

When Electra met Rodman, she was a rising 1990s star. Eventually, she became the face of Playboy magazine. One of the most famous Playboy covers of all time is her. She also landed roles in TV shows and commercial success films.

It was during this period that Electra and Rodman fell in love. After high school, they started seeing each other regularly. During their time together, Electra would often be seen with her boyfriend. Oftentimes, their relationship was centered around alcohol and copious amounts of sex.

Annie Bakes
When Dennis Rodman was a member of the Los Angeles Laker, he met a model named Annie Bakes. The two became an item after meeting in a Sacramento club in the late 80s. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love.

They had a romance spanning seven years and had one child together. But their relationship eventually broke down and they went their separate ways. Eventually, Rodman married another woman and later divorced her. He went on to play with the Chicago Bulls and won three more NBA championships.

Before their marriage, Bakes was involved in the mature modeling industry. She posed for print commercials and swimwear brands. Later, she started painting for adult-oriented magazines. During the couple’s marriage, she revealed some unflattering details about Rodman.

She also wrote a book about her life. The book was titled White Girls Don’t Bounce.

In 2005, Dove Books published her book. It was a response to Dennis Rodman’s book Bad as I Wanna Be.

The two of them have been known as a romantic couple and were frequently spotted together. However, their relationship never reached the fullest potential. It only lasted a few months.

Dennis Rodman is a famous NBA player. He played for the San Antonio Spurs in the early 1990s. At that time, he was also rumored to be dating Madonna.

Though the two were reportedly dating for only a few months, they were photographed often together. For example, they were seen at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. Also, they posed for the VIBE magazine.

After a divorce with his first wife, Carmen Electra, Dennis moved on to a new girlfriend. He also began dating actress Vivica Fox. She is a television host, actor, and singer. They are also parents to one child. Their son, DJ, was born in 2000.

During his career, Dennis has been known for his wild off-court antics. As the NBA’s bad boy, he has met many of the world’s biggest stars.



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