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Who is Candace Owen’s Husband?

If you’ve been wondering who Candace Owen’s husband is, then you’re in the right place. I’ve gathered together some of my favorite sources to help you find out more about her husband, George Farmer. And, as always, I’m not just talking about the guy, but about his views and politics too!

George Farmer

If you’ve watched George Farmer’s and Candace Owen’s show, Turning Point UK, you probably know about their relationship. Both have strong views about politics. They also have a shared passion for promoting conservative ideas.

George Farmer and Candace Owens have been together for three years. They got engaged in December of 2018. The pair were married eight months later.

George and Candace Farmer are both well-known conservatives. They are both supporters of President Donald Trump. Their views are largely anti-Europe Union. In fact, they founded a conservative foundation, the Blexit Foundation, that promotes right-wing political beliefs.

Candace is an outspoken conservative, who has taken a hard line against Black Lives Matter. She has also attacked the anti-vax movement.

As for George, he’s a successful businessman who works in the hedge fund industry. He has a net worth of $180 million.

George Farmer was born in London, England in 1989. He attended the University of Oxford and studied theology.

Marriage to Eric Trump

Candace Owens and George Farmer got married earlier this year. The pair have become a popular couple with the right-wing community. They have both become vocal commentators on the political scene.

Both George and Candace share their political views unapologetically, and the two have become an interesting team. Not only did they marry in August, but they also announced that they were expecting a second child in January.

After only two and a half weeks of dating, the two decided to get engaged. The engagement happened over a FaceTime call. Their wedding took place at the Trump Winery in Virginia.

Many celebrities and government officials attended the ceremony. Nigel Farage was among the guests. Charlie Kirk founded Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump college campus organization, and he was there to celebrate the new couple.

Guests also wore counterfeit hats that read “Make Weddings Great Again” in red. This was a sign of their support of Donald Trump.

Blexit movement

The Blexit movement encourages black people to leave the Democratic Party. It also promotes the ideals of capitalism, free markets, and criminal justice reform.

Candace Owens, who founded the movement, has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. She believes that former President Barack Obama was to blame for the disintegration of race relations in America.

She has also spoken at far right rallies in France. But Owens is now a Republican and has become a vocal supporter of President Trump.

She has joined several conservative organizations, including Turning Point U.K. and Turning Point USA. Previously, she served as the communications director of the US parent organization.

Owens’ husband, George Farmer, is a hedge fund manager and former candidate for the Brexit party. He is an avid supporter of Donald Trump.

They met at a soft launch event for the new organisation in December. They married in January.

The group hosts events and promotes the ideals of freedom, entrepreneurship, and educational initiatives. BLEXIT has chapters in 19 states and has an official Twitter account with 54,300 followers.

Political views

If you’re a fan of conservative politics, you’ve probably come across Candace Owens. She’s a political commentator who has appeared on several conspiracy websites and is the host of a popular podcast. As a result, her views on a variety of subjects have made her a favorite among many right-wing activists.

While she was known for her vocal support for former president Donald Trump, Owens also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. Owens has been a strong critic of the Democratic Party, arguing that the party uses welfare programs to keep black people dependent on the government.

The #MeToo movement is an international movement that is dedicated to fighting sexual assault and harassment. However, Owens has taken a critical stance on the movement, arguing that women are stupid.

Owens has also been criticized for her criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. When she was campaigning for Donald Trump, she cited her support for the movement, but she later switched to a more conservative viewpoint.



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