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Who is Alex Cooper Dating?

Who is Alex Cooper Dating?

The Daddy Gang podcast has revealed that Cooper has reportedly been dating one of two men. Although Cooper has not been very open about who she is dating, she has introduced listeners to several men under pseudonyms. Cooper reveals which man she is currently dating in an episode. It is likely that Cooper is still looking for the right man to settle down with.

Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper are dating. While they have never shared a picture together, both have been busy with their respective careers. Cooper is a model and the host of the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy.” Kaplan started his career in the entertainment industry in the late ’90s. His resume includes working as an intern at Todd Phillips Company and United Talent Agency. In 2017, he formed his own company called ACE Entertainment.

Matt Kaplan is a producer for Lionsgate and CBS networks. He has over 40 credits to his name. He is also an ace football player. The couple is engaged to be married on February 3, 2021. They do not have any children yet.

Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard and Alexandra Cooper have been linked to each other for a while now, with the former having dated her since April. Cooper was born on August 21, 1994, in Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Boston University women’s soccer team and has an active Twitter account. She and Noah have been spotted together a few times, including during the New York Knicks’ opening day game.

In July 2021, Cooper revealed her past relationships with Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul. She confessed to dating both athletes before landing a job at Gotham magazine. Prior to meeting Syndergaard, Cooper dated YouTube personality Paul. She told Bustle that she hooked up with the latter on April 8, 2021. Paul responded to her statement in an Impaulsive podcast.

Logan Paul

Recently, the Internet has been abuzz with rumors about the boyfriend of YouTube sensation Alex Cooper. Cooper was previously linked to the popular YouTuber Logan Paul, and fans have been speculating about who he could be. Although Cooper has not publicly revealed his identity, fans have pieced together the details of their relationship to come to a conclusion. The man Cooper is dating is not yet named, but it is believed to be a film producer named Matthew Kaplan.

In a recent interview, Logan Paul addressed rumors that he is dating Alex Cooper. While he claimed that he was not the source of the leaks, he did admit that he was the first to talk about the hookup and even described the sexy encounter. While many have questioned the authenticity of his story, the truth has been revealed.


If you’re wondering if Paul Cooper is dating actress and model Alex Cooper, you’re not alone. Many fans have speculated that Cooper is dating a man she met on her NBC show. Fans have pieced together details to figure out who this mystery man is, but Cooper has been tight-lipped about the relationship. She also has been very private about her relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Kaplan.

Cooper’s past relationships have been a mixed bag. She admitted dating several professional athletes before she made it big. Before she met Logan Paul, she was in a relationship with New York Mets baseball player Noah Syndergaard. Their relationship was toxic, and they separated.

Sofia Franklyn

Sofia Franklyn is an American singer and social media star. She has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. She received a degree in banking from the University of Utah. She went on to get employment in the financial industry. However, after a few years, she wanted to pursue a full-time acting career. Her career has earned her an impressive amount of money. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Sofia Franklyn is a social media sensation who has gained a large following since she began her career as a podcaster. She has also co-hosted a podcast with her boyfriend, Alexander Cooper, called “Call Her Daddy.” She is currently working as a freelance consultant in the entertainment industry. Prior to her rise to fame, Sofia was a member of a financial firm but quit her position to focus on her creativity. She has more than 1.1 million Instagram followers and over 323 thousand followers on Twitter.



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