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Who Adopted Joni Mitchell’s Daughter?

Probably you’ve heard the story of Joni Mitchell’s daughter, but you’ve never really asked yourself who adopted her. That’s because there are so many different theories about who adopted her. This article will discuss just a few of them.

Kelly Dale Anderson

Having adopted Joni Mitchell’s daughter, Kelly Dale Anderson, is not an easy task. The Canadian singer and songwriter has had to deal with several ups and downs in her love life.

While she was growing up, Kelly was raised in a series of foster homes. When she was six months old, she was adopted by David and Ida Gibb. The couple renamed the baby Kilauren Gibb. They raised her in the suburb of Toronto, Don Mills.

As a teenager, she dated Edward Barrington. They split up, but the two eventually reunited in 1997. They have two children together. The couple has a strained relationship, but they haven’t broken up as of 2022.

She attended the University of Toronto and the George Brown College. She graduated with good marks. She also had a modeling career. She appeared on the cover of Chatelaine magazine in November 1983.

David and Ida Gibb

During her thirty-year career, Canadian singer Joni Mitchell concealed the fact that she gave up her daughter for adoption. She put her up for adoption when she was unable to care for her. The couple who adopted her were David and Ida Gibb. They were retired school teachers.

Although she kept the details of her daughter’s birth under wraps, Mitchell mentioned her adoption in several songs. Her daughter’s name is Kelly Dale. Her father was a flight lieutenant in the RCAF. The baby was born with Cherokee cheekbones. Her father may have had Sami ancestry.

When she was a teenager, Mitchell tried to find her biological parents. However, her father refused to recognize her and Anderson was given up for adoption. She was placed with an adoptive family in Toronto. She attended private schools and college.

Court and Spark

Throughout her career, Joni Mitchell has been an artist whose music and personal life have been in the public eye for more than five decades. She is a singer, songwriter and actress who has collaborated with many famous musicians, including Willie Nelson, David Crosby and Peter Gabriel. She is considered to be one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the past half-century, and her work has received numerous accolades.

While Joni Mitchell was certainly one of the most influential songwriters of her time, her life has been one of extremes. She was diagnosed with polio at age 16, had a baby, gave up her daughter for adoption and battled substance addictions, among other things. Fortunately, she eventually recovered. She is also one of the most famous female guitarists of the last half-century.

Turbulent Indigo

During the late 1990s, Mitchell released her Turbulent Indigo, her first album in three years. She was working with longtime collaborator Larry Klein. The album was co-produced by Mitchell and Klein.

Mitchell’s new album is a return to her earlier style. The songs are anchored by the singer’s piano and guitar. The songs are about social and political discontent, as well as her personal life. The album is a mature and tuneful evocation of a late-career Joni Mitchell.

Despite the fact that the album was a commercial failure, it was a critical success. Rolling Stone’s John Milward praised it as “the best record by Joni Mitchell in over a decade.” The album won a Grammy for Pop Album of the Year.

The album also features the most empathetic lyrics of Mitchell’s career. The opening track, Sunny Sunday, is a character sketch about a woman who shoots at streetlights. It’s a metaphor for an individual’s futile struggle against civilization.

Kilauren Gibb

During the 1960s, singer Joni Mitchell became pregnant. She gave up her baby for adoption. In 1965, her daughter was adopted by David and Ida Gibb. She was raised in the Don Mills, a suburb of Toronto. Her parents were teachers. She attended private schools. She was renamed Kilauren Gibb.

After the adoption, Kilauren grew up in private schools and country clubs. She started modelling as a teenager. She traveled to Paris and New York. She married a talent agent, Paul Kohler. They separated after the birth of their son.

She then began a relationship with her birth mother, Joni Mitchell. She spoke to her three or four times a week. She began searching for information on her birth parents.

When she was about 27 years old, she discovered that she was adopted. Her adoptive parents contacted the Children’s Aid Society, and they took five years to provide her with her birth mother’s name and other identifying information.



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