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What’s the Cause of the Death of TikTok Star Peter Cooper?

The sudden and tragic death of TikTok star Cooper has left many fans wondering what caused this teen’s death. Although his friends and family have released a number of statements indicating that Cooper suffered from depression, there are still questions surrounding what may have been the cause of his suicide.

TikTok star’s mental health issues

Cooper Noriega, 19 years old, was found dead in a shopping mall parking lot outside of Los Angeles on June 9th. According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office, the cause of death remains undetermined.

During his short life, Cooper had achieved several major accomplishments. He became a YouTube star, a model, a TikTok star, a rapper, and a mental health advocate. He grew up in Laguna Beach, California and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion. He also started a Discord server for his fans to discuss mental health.

He had plans to open a rehab center for those with mental health issues. He was close to attempting suicide in January of 2021. His last TikTok was a duet with Bryce Hall.

He had a huge following on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. He was a popular figure on the social media platform and his posts about fashion, skateboarding, and other topics were highly popular among his followers.

His music career

Peter Cooper was a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, musician and producer. He was a prominent figure in the country music community, and his work can be found in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Peter Cooper was born in South Carolina. He attended high school in Washington, DC. He began his career as a journalist, and he eventually branched out into the music industry.

He joined the staff of The Tennessean as a music writer in 2000. He wrote articles on many famous artists. Some of his stories included a profile of Johnny Cash. He also interviewed Taylor Swift.

He served as a senior director of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. During his time there, he was a part of a number of special events. He also wrote a book on the legacy of Johnny Cash and Charley Pride.

In the early 1980s, he worked as a booker in Los Angeles. He was later hired by The Fox Theater in St. Louis, where he helped run the show.

His TikTok page

Cooper Noriega was a TikTok star who gained a lot of attention for his comedy videos. But his tragic death at age 19 has caused a wave of grief on social media. His friends and family have been sharing their memories of their close friend.

Cooper Noriega had been struggling with mental health issues, and he had spoken candidly about his battle with addiction. He appeared on the Barstool BFF’s podcast, where he opened up about his struggles.

In January of 2021, he was close to committing suicide. He changed his lifestyle and started to work on his mental health. He was able to spend 90 days clean.

When Cooper Noriega was discovered by a passerby, paramedics tried to revive him, but they were unable to. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has requested that a full investigation be conducted. Eventually, the cause of his death will be revealed.

According to reports, Cooper had uploaded a video hours before his death. The video was about dying young and how he was trying to help others with their mental health journey.

His friends’ reactions to his death

Among the first to report on Cooper’s death were the “BFFs” podcast and Barstool Sports. A passerby noticed that Cooper was unconscious in the mall parking lot. The mob smashed a lock on his jail cell, put a rope around his neck, and led him out through the back door. The Baltimore County Union also published an article on Cooper’s lynching.

Nessa Barrett posted a heartfelt tribute to Cooper on Instagram. She also posted black and white photos of the two of them together. She wrote a long message for him. Other internet stars have expressed their sympathy, including Addison Rae, who shared a video on Twitter.

Joshua Richards, one of the stars of the TikTok app, also showed his support. He said that he had lost a friend two weeks ago. He said that he was shocked by the news. He also praised Cooper’s family for starting their own podcast, Coop’s Advice.

Henry Nash Smith argues that Cooper’s writing shows a genuine ambivalence about issues. He argues that Cooper’s fiction focuses on the secular rather than religious aspects of life. He explains that Cooper’s characters are drawn to justify certain legal positions in cultural terms. In addition, the author creates a lone hero who risks everything to save Native Americans.

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