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What to Do If iPhone Says Cannot Verify Server Identity?

When your iPhone tries to connect to the mail server, it will check for the SSL certificate. If it finds the certificate is unreliable, it won’t be able to connect.

If you’re receiving this error, there are a few different things that you can do to fix it. These solutions are all pretty easy to do and shouldn’t take much time to complete.

Reset the Network Settings

If you are trying to access a program or website and receive the error message that says your iPhone cannot verify server identity, it is important to ensure that you have a stable network connection. This is normally accomplished by resetting your iPhone’s network settings.

A reset will clear out all of the network-related data from your device and reset it back to its factory state. This includes all WiFi login information, VPN settings and paired Bluetooth devices.

You will lose all of the passwords and details associated with these networks, so make sure you have a good password manager and write them down before resetting your iPhone’s network settings.

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings can be a quick fix for many network problems, including those that show up when you try to connect to an Internet hotspot or 4G or 5G cellular network. However, if your device still won’t connect to these networks after resetting its network settings, you may need to contact your carrier.

Update the Carrier Settings

If you are having trouble syncing email on your iPhone, there is a chance that it’s caused by conflicting network settings. To fix this, update your iOS carrier settings.

This can be done by going to Settings > General About, and following the on-screen instructions. It’s recommended that you keep your carrier settings updated regularly to avoid issues with your iPhone.

Often, this error is caused by untrusted servers or incorrect email configurations. However, sometimes it can also be due to iOS bugs or outdated software.

In some cases, removing and re-registering your email account in the Mail app can solve the problem. This can be tedious, but it has worked for many Apple users.

Another way to fix the error is by updating your device’s software version. This can resolve a lot of problems on your iPhone and will also make the device more stable and secure.

Reset the Passcode

If you haven’t been able to get into your iPhone and it says it cannot verify server identity, you might need to reset the passcode. This will wipe out all data and settings from your device and you’ll need to set it up again.

One of the first things you should do is back up your iPhone with iTunes or Finder on your computer. This will restore most of your data, but you’ll need to have a backup beforehand, otherwise, you’ll lose it after you reset the device.

Another way to reset the passcode on your iPhone is to put it into recovery mode. This is an easy process that requires you to press and hold the Side or Top button on your device until it shows a power off slider.

If your device doesn’t work in recovery mode, you can also try resetting it using a factory reset method. This is an easy and reliable fix for iPhone users that have forgotten their passcodes.

Reset the Settings

If you have an iPhone that is saying it cannot verify server identity, there are several ways to fix this error. Often, these errors are caused by misconfigured network settings.

One of the solutions that you can try is to reset your device’s network settings. This will reset everything related to your Internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections.

This solution may solve the problem and help you use the Mail app again. However, be sure to make a backup of your internet credentials before performing this reset.

Resetting your device will also erase all settings, including those in the Mail app, so you should be prepared to set up everything from scratch. This method is a last resort and should only be used after trying all other methods and if the error still persists.



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