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What Is Vanna White’s Salary?

What Is Vanna White’s Salary?

“Wheel of Fortune” is in its 38th season, and the host, Vanna White, is set to earn $10 million per year. She’s known for her wardrobe – she’s reportedly worn more than 6500 different dresses for the show, but she doesn’t get to keep them. In 2017, she was earning $4 million per year, according to Forbes.

$52,000 per episode

Vanna White, born February 18, 1957, is a famous co-host of the game show Wheel of Fortune. She is best known for being the “letter-turner” and “letter-toucher” on the show. She has been a part of Wheel of Fortune since the early 1980s.

Vanna White’s net worth is attributed in part to her real estate dealings. Her estate, Mullohand Estates, was once rented out for $175,000 a month and recently sold for $47.5 million. A lawsuit she filed against Sony and Samsung Electronics Corporation is also a contributor to her wealth. The lawsuit benefited her financially because she won $403,000 in damages.

Her salary is $52,000 per episode. In addition to her successful show, Vanna White has also been featured in several films. Her salary is so high that she can afford to live in a gated Los Angeles community and enjoy the views of the Hollywood Hills. In addition, White owns a yarn line, Vanna’s Choice.

The salary for Vanna White’s role on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune is quite high. She earns $10 million per year and Pat Sajak makes $15 million a year. The two of them average six-hour days on the show. That means that they work 48 hours per week and have only three days off per month.

$10 million per year

Vanna White’s salary on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune is an impressive $10 million per year. She is paid for appearing on more than 6,000 episodes of the show. In addition to her regular salary, White also earns a lot of money by licensing her image to casino slot machines.

Vanna White started crocheting at a young age and was contacted by Lion Brand Yarns after talking about her love for the craft on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. She then launched her own yarn brand called Vanna’s Choice. Besides earning a hefty salary, White also has a large family. Her earnings are based on her performance on Wheel of Fortune, a game show that taps six episodes each day.

Vanna White’s net worth is estimated at $70 million. While her wheel of fortune salary is $10 million per year, she also makes money from acting and modeling. She is also worth $70 million, which she invests in apartment buildings. She also donates to charity, which is another way to supplement her income.

Vanna White’s salary is based on her earnings from co-hosting the Wheel of Fortune game show. Her earnings from this role are not yet disclosed. However, she has been credited as an executive producer of several short films.

$85 million

Vanna White is a model, actress, and Wheel of Fortune host. She is famous for revealing the letters on the puzzle board of the game show. Her salary is $10 million a year, and her net worth is estimated at $85 million. She is married to a real estate developer, and part-owns several properties.

Vanna White earns at least $10 million per year from her role on “Wheel of Fortune”. She also makes at least $15 million a year by licensing her image to casino slot machines. However, her income from the game show is far less than that of Pat Sajak and Luca Giannetti.

White started her career in the late ’70s. She graduated from North Myrtle Beach High School in South Carolina and later moved to Atlanta to study fashion design. In 1978, she became Miss Georgia USA. In 1980, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She appeared in “The Price is Right” and starred in the horror film “Graduation Day.” In 1982, she was hired as a substitute host on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Vanna White had a wealthy background when she married restaurateur George Santo Pietro. The couple had two children together – Nicholas in 1994 and Giovanna in 1997. In 2002, the couple divorced. Vanna White continues to be involved in charity activities.



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