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What is the Best Race in Deepwoken?

What is the Best Race in Deepwoken?

The question of which race to play in Deepwoken is one that has been on people’s minds for a long time. There are plenty of choices. The Canor, Ganymede, Etrean, and Capra are just a few of them. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose wisely.


The Canor are a humanoid race with pale skin. They have higher health, a lower ship cost, and a reduced damage from status effects. The Canor also gets an additional speed boost when vaulting over objects. They also deal less damage to teammates.

While this race is rare, it has several advantages. Its strength and charisma are both higher than the other races’, reducing team damage. It also gives you a compass that appears at the top of your screen, and it can climb wood surfaces much more easily than other races. This makes it a good choice if you want to improve your acrobatic skills.

As you can see, there are a few races in Deepwoken. But we’ll take a look at Canor first, as it’s the easiest to level up. Its speed, defense, and stamina are the best. It also takes damage from Acid Rain less.


There are 11 races in Deepwoken. The best one is Ganymede, which gives +5 stats and 2 intelligence and two agility. It also takes less damage from Acid Rain. However, this race is unobtainable right now. If you want to play as this race, you should reroll or buy a new slot.

Ganymede is a race similar to the black mages of Final Fantasy and the snail shaman of Hollow Knight. It has the Flamecharm magic and is said to have been inspired by insects. These races may be related to the Primal Vesperians, which were also inspired by insects.

Despite being a rare race, Canor provides a high amount of strength and agility. It also reduces the amount of damage taken by the team. The rare race also grants a compass on top of the screen. Furthermore, it can climb wood surfaces more easily.


There are many advantages of being an Etrean, including higher Intelligence and Agility scores. They also have better reputation than any other race. They can also reduce the duration of Status Effects and take less damage from acid rain. The Etrean is the most popular race on the continent, and there are plenty of reasons to choose it.

There are 11 races in Deepwoken. The Lightborn is the only one that is unobtainable at the moment, but is a race that grants +5 points to any stat. Rerolling your race or buying a new one will cost 150 Robux. The Etrean is a “prideful” race, with a lot more exposition than any other race in the game. They have pale skin, thin hair, and thin eyes that look like snakes. They also have a higher default reputation.


The Capra race is a humanoid from the darkness. Their faces are shaped like ram skulls, and their eyes glow. They also have great armor and resist insanity. Capras get extra food when they eat, and they also get extra rest so they can stay sane.

The Capra race is one of the rarest races in the game, but it is well worth the wait. In addition to doubled health and food gained, you get two Intelligence and two Charisma points. They also have a higher reputation than other races, giving them a competitive advantage against other players. Additionally, you can equip things at 3 points less than what you need, giving them a distinct advantage in the game.

There are 11 races in the game, and the developer is constantly working to bring more to the players. Deepwoken features roguelike gameplay with multiple races. You can choose from a variety of races and build a character that suits your playstyle the best.


The Canor are one of the eleven races in Deepwoken. They have pale skin and a look that is reminiscent of snakes. They also receive an extra boost of speed when jumping over obstacles and deal less damage to their teammates. Compared to the other races, their stats are better and their ships cost less.

This race has a slightly lower chance to be chosen, but it provides two Strength and two Charisma, which will help your team reduce damage. Another bonus to the Canor is that they will climb wood surfaces easier than any other race.

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