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What Happened to Steven Assanti?

Are you looking for a recent update on what happened to Steven Assanti? It’s been a while since we last saw him on The Biggest Loser, but he has returned to Rhode Island, so it’s time to find out what he’s up to these days. We’ll take a look at his relationship with Stephanie Sanger, his weight loss journey and his tattoos.

Justin Assanti is back in Rhode Island

The brother of Steven Assanti has returned to Rhode Island. He was previously in Houston, Texas. But after a series of problems with his brother, he left.

Assanti has been putting on weight since his days in high school. He has tried countless diets. However, his weight remained stubborn. In October 2015, he weighed 778 pounds. At that time, he was unable to slim down to 550 pounds to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

Now, he plans to visit Rhode Island and work on his health and losing weight. Assanti has his sights set on 180 pounds.

Justin opened a hobby store in Cranston, Rhode Island. His father also helps with the business. Some of the items for sale include model kits and collectibles. He also does live streaming on Restream.

Steven Assanti was refused to be on The Biggest Loser

The story of Steven Assanti, a former reality star, began in Rhode Island. His mother was an alcoholic, and the family was very poor. This caused stress to the two brothers.

After his parents separated, Steven was sent to live with his father. He grew up with his brother Justin.

When he was a teenager, Steven was bullied at school. But he still dreamed of becoming an actor. And he had a passion for food. So he started to binge eat.

At one point, Steven weighed 800 pounds. He was on a diet plan to lose weight. However, he didn’t follow it.

He was also a painkiller addict. During his time on the show, he developed a bad attitude. In fact, he was kicked off the show. He had to go to rehab.

Steven Assanti’s weight loss journey

During the past two years, Steven Assanti has made a dramatic change in his life. Before getting into the limelight, he was a drug addict and weighed around 800 pounds. After undergoing weight loss surgery, he has lost a huge amount of weight.

But the weight loss story doesn’t end there. In the last three episodes of My 600-lb Life, viewers have witnessed the progression of Steven’s weight loss journey.

During the first episode, viewers saw that the doctor warned Steven that he could start gaining back some of the weight he lost during his journey. He also criticized him for not showering and continuing to overeat.

While in the hospital, Steven lost 20 pounds. However, he still hasn’t achieved the level of success that he hoped for.

Steven Assanti’s relationship with Stephanie Sanger

If you’re familiar with My 600 lb Life, then you’re probably wondering how Steven Assanti and Stephanie Sanger met. After their appearance on the show, Steven and Stephanie began dating. They married in May 2018.

When Steven and Stephanie first met in person, he was working as a massage therapist. He was living in Iowa, which was where Stephanie was from. His father questioned the legitimacy of the relationship, but eventually accepted it.

After the show ended, the two decided to get married. They got married in Polk County, Iowa. The couple got married on May 17th, and guests included close friends and family members.

Although their marriage is currently considered to be a secret, Stephanie’s social media posts have revealed her and Steven’s romantic relationship. In fact, her Twitter has revealed that she has a love for Marilyn Manson.

Steven Assanti’s tattoos

If you’re into reality television, you might know about Steven Assanti. The reality star, or as he likes to be known, Steve, has made a splash on the hit show My 600 lb Life. But before you get all huffy over his weight loss journey, you might want to look at other aspects of his life.

To begin with, Steven is a Texan by way of Rhode Island. A good portion of his early life was spent in the big apple. He earned an associate’s degree in a few years and eventually left the Big Apple to further his education.

After he relocated to Iowa, he met massage therapist Stephanie Sanger. While they might not be able to get hitched right away, they are currently raising a daughter together.



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