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What Happened to Danny on Counting Cars?

The last time we saw Danny on Counting Cars, he had a new job. He was with the FBI, and he was doing well. But then he was fired. Why?

Kevin Mack

Counting Cars is a television show that stars Danny Koker as the owner of an auto shop in Las Vegas. The show focuses on the process of restoring classic cars. It’s a popular show that has gained popularity with viewers all over the world.

Originally, Counting Cars was a spinoff of the popular History channel series Pawn Stars. However, the show changed its focus to focus on a different set of characters. Specifically, it focused on Rick Harrison, who owned Count’s Kustoms.

In the show, Kevin and Danny go on road trips together. During their drive, they try to buy old cars. A 1969 Cadillac DeVille is one of the cars that Kevin is interested in.

During the show, Kevin also tests cars. One car that he test drove was a 1976 Ford Mustang GT350.

Roli Szabo

Roli Szabo was one of the stars of the hit television show Counting Cars. Roli was a fan favorite in the show. As the resident car detailer at Count’s Kustoms, Roli helped keep the cars in the shop in pristine condition. In addition, Roli would clean the vehicles before they were brought into the shop.

Before joining Counting Cars, Roli worked for many different companies, including Koker. He had an excellent work ethic and earned a reputation for being a good worker.

Roli was a likable character on the show, and many viewers took a liking to his Hungarian accent. Fans began to wonder where Roli was, and whether he was still working in the business.

There are a few theories about why Roli left the show. Some say that he was fired, while others believe that he left on bad terms.

Scott Jones

One of the most iconic characters on the popular reality TV show Counting Cars was Scott Jones. He was a manager of the workshop and a bookkeeper at Count’s Kustoms. In the beginning, the shop employed less than ten people. Currently, there are five employees.

Scott Jones was known for his badass personality. Fans were surprised when he left the show after the second season. This was never explained. Some fans speculated that he was fired. Others believed that he got into legal trouble on the job.

The popular theory is that Scott embezzled money. While there is no concrete evidence to support this claim, it’s been suggested that he may have pocketed money from the shop funding. However, he may have been fired for something else.

Another theory involves the fact that Scott moved away from the show for family reasons. After the birth of his son, he moved to Tennessee.

Ryan Evans

If you are a fan of reality TV, then you have probably watched Counting Cars. This show follows the work of a Las Vegas garage and the cars they restore. The series is also known for the interesting characters that populate it.

“Counting Cars” started as a spin-off from the popular show Pawn Stars. It is a very popular show and has received high ratings. However, the show has had negative effects on the shop.

Ryan Evans is a painter, car enthusiast and television personality. He has worked for Count’s Kustoms, a Las Vegas-based hot rod shop owned by Danny Koker, the show’s showrunner.

In 2012, Ryan Evans got the opportunity to join the show’s cast. As head painter, he has a hand in the design and detailing of a number of cars. His job is to ensure that the vehicles’ artwork is flawless.

Korie Fera Koker

Aside from being the wife of the popular television personality, Korie Fera is also a well-known businesswoman. She has co-owned two businesses with her husband. One of them is The Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill, and the other is a tattoo parlor inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel.

Besides working as a photographer and a TV production manager, she has also been a singer. Before she met her husband, she acted as a lead singer for a rock band. However, she soon decided to pursue a career in the production industry.

She first started working for a local television station as a production coordinator. After a few years, she was promoted to the position of a promotion director. As a result, she got to know Danny Koker.

Since then, the two have forged a great partnership. They have been married for more than a decade. In fact, they were able to exchange their wedding vows in a private ceremony.



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