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What Happened to Cora’s Husband?

If you read the story of Cora’s husband, you might wonder what happened to him. He was a very rich dad, who was arrested and killed for child molestation. His wife had been manipulated by him into taking her child and gifting it to other people.

He was arrested for child molestation

It’s been an extremely troubling time for the Jakes family. Their lives have been torn apart by two shocking allegations.

Cora’s husband was arrested in May on child molestation charges. He is being held on a $150,000 bail. The charges are said to be related to his touching of an adopted 13-year-old girl.

Another shocking allegation involves a seven-year-old boy who has been adopted by Coleman. His biological mother claims that Coleman and Cora used religion to manipulate her into giving him up. Her fears are that he may be harmed while in the custody of the Colemans.

Michelle Loud, Jason Coleman’s biological mother, claimed that she suffered from postpartum depression when he was born. She later became homeless when their long-term relationship ended.

A source close to the family says there was more to the story than just touching. In an effort to protect her child, Loud contacted authorities to report the abuse. But when she made her grievances public, they were deemed slanderous.

He was killed in the Valentine farm raid

Cora Smith was a woman of many parts. She was a daughter of Ben Schlegel and Lavina Schlegel, a wife of Morris Smith, a sister of Mary Moyer and a grandmother of three. She was a proud Kutztown University graduate and was an avid supporter of the Tigers. A stalwart member of the Kutztown club and the Robesonia Senior Citizens’ Club, she was known for her wit and sass.

Her favorite hobby was collecting books and she wrote a few of her own. Among her surviving relatives were two sisters, a brother-in-law and a niece. One of her grandchildren, Michael, was a high school student at the time of her passing. An obituary in the borough paper stated that she had an “attentive attitude toward family and the community at large.”

She was not without a demon, though. Her husband Edwin Sloanacre, an electrician for the Kutztown Electric Company, was killed in the Valentine farm rifling. The dude was 37 years of age and she was a widow of a decade.

He was gifting her other people’s children

Once upon a time, Cora Jakes Coleman was a stay at home mom. She had 3 disabled children. However, she wanted a better life. So she left her home in Tennessee with her husband and children and moved to New York.

In New York, Cora’s life isn’t quite as glamorous as it once was. There is a long list of problems to deal with. It’s not easy to find decent housing, and a pandemic was on the horizon. Luckily, she was able to get a new apartment thanks to the Salvation Army.

In addition, Cora’s new job is at the Museum of Natural Wonders. The job requires a lot of travel and being a little too close to the action. Also, she has to take tests to prove her intelligence.

He was a very rich dad to bribe the family court judge

It is no secret that the Jakes family has endured a particularly traumatic time. But as they continue to heal, a major event happened in the tiniest of details. One that is sure to haunt them for years to come. The genesis of this story is a small child named Cora. She is the daughter of megachurch pastor TD Jakes. Her mother, Michelle Loud, divorced her in the wake of a child molestation scandal. While the court awarded custody to her ex, the children were to spend a few weekends with their dad in unsupervised fashion.

The story is more complicated than it sounds. In the course of an incredibly lengthy litigation, the family learned that the ex is a serial cheater. This was compounded by the fact that the aforementioned husband is a level 3 sex offender and has been in jail for several months. As a result, Cora was left in the dust.

He manipulated her to take her child

Cora Jakes Coleman is married to Brandon Coleman. She is the eldest daughter of megachurch pastor TD Jakes. Until recently, she was happy. In January, however, she announced she was divorcing her husband.

She has since vowed to not let anyone harm her. However, her new family is still dealing with the shocking aftermath of her divorce.

She has moved to a rural area of England. The woman claims that her former husband, Richard Branson Coleman, abused her and her son.

Cora Jakes’ family has been cooperating with law enforcement. Her ex-husband, Richard, was arrested on May 4 for child molestation charges. He was accused of inappropriately touching his adopted son, Jason, who is seven years old.

Michelle Loud, a former longtime partner of Cora’s, made the allegations against Cora and her ex-husband public. According to Loud, the couple manipulated her into taking the child.



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