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What Happened to Bird Martinez?

During this past summer, Erika “Bird” Martinez was left paralyzed from the neck down after she was stabbed by an unknown assailant. As she tried to care for her children, she started cooking. After the incident, Guadalupe Albarran was charged with attempted murder.

Guadalupe Albarran charged with attempted murder

During the trial of Guadalupe Albarran, who was charged with attempted murder of bird martinez, the prosecution presented evidence that the defendant was an active member of the 13 Kings street gang. The defendant argued that the evidence was inadmissible under Evidence Code section 352, which excludes gang evidence unless there is an allegation that a crime was committed by a gang member.

Albarran argued that the introduction of gang evidence was prejudicial and unduly inflammatory. The prosecutor responded that evidence of gang affiliation was sufficient to establish that Albarran’s crimes were motivated by gang allegiance. Deputy Gillis testified that he had numerous face-to-face contacts with Albarran in the two years prior to the crime. He testified that Albarran had gang tattoos.

Erika “Bird” Martinez left paralyzed from the neck down

Having a stroke of bad luck hasn’t slowed down a feisty ol’ lady in the kitchen. Despite the fact that her beloved husband has been a slacker for the better part of a decade, she still manages to come up with the wits of a hunk. The dude has a plethora of hobbies including golf, fishing and bowling. The wife has also jacked up her IQ a few notches. She has a 5 year old son who also happens to be a high achiever. The pair are the perfect storm. So, it’s no wonder that she is on the go.

Erika “Bird” Martinez started cooking to care for her children

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Erika “Bird” Martinez has Bipolar Schizoaffective Disorder

Having a mental health disorder can be difficult to manage. This is the case for Erika “Bird” Martinez, a 26-year-old mother of four who was left paralyzed after being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Marioh Albarran. During the attack, Albarran stabbed Martinez in the neck and spine. He fled the scene only after her father intervened. In the past, Albarran had been diagnosed with Bipolar Schizoaffective Disorder and had suffered violent outbursts. His condition worsened after using crystal meth.

After the attack, Martinez underwent months of therapy. However, the doctors have little hope of her recovery. Her left side of the body is still numb and she is unable to walk or breathe on her own. She has a 5-year-old son who stayed with her during the attack. Martinez started a YouTube channel called “Cooking With Bird” in order to give her children a way to see her while she recovers.



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