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What Happened to Bird Martinez?

Several weeks ago, a man named Michael Martinez entered a home in West Palm Beach and stabbed a woman to death. He also slashed multiple people. After a lengthy investigation, authorities have determined that the man was an intruder who entered the home through a window. While the woman was in the bathroom, the man stabbed her multiple times. Later, he stole a bag of money from her pocket and fled the scene. Since then, her family has been left with no clue as to what happened to their loved one. They also face a number of expenses, from medical bills to rehabilitation. They have set up a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising funds for their family’s recovery.


Almost two years ago, Jacob Martinez was a 12-year-old boy who was killed in an ATV crash. He had many dreams, including becoming a doctor. After being attacked, Martinez suffered several stab wounds, including one that almost cut off his ear.

The attack occurred on January 7, 2020, while Martinez was watching TV with his family. The boy’s 5-year-old son was nearby, and Martinez attempted to stop the attacker. But the victim was stabbed multiple times, and the attacker escaped only after Martinez’s father intervened. The blood found in the victim’s apartment was later linked to the attacker. Several coins also led from the apartment to the car.

Inability to cook

Having been paralyzed from both of her legs and neck down, it isn’t surprising that Bird Martinez isn’t cooking up a storm anytime soon. Although she has been receiving medical attention for the better part of a year, her recovery has been a slog. Although she has a full cast of arms and legs, her left side is still numb, and she isn’t moving the same way she did a couple of years ago. She has undergone a slew of therapy, and hasn’t yet started a diet. As of last month, her doctors were still trying to figure out how to give her the best chance at a normal life.

GoFundMe campaigns

Organizers are putting together GoFundMe campaigns for two victims of an ATV crash. Jacob Martinez and Christina Bird were hit by an orange Polaris RZR Pro. While the ambulances were rushing them to the hospital, no one could save them. Eventually, both were declared brain dead.

The Martinez family’s GoFundMe campaign is geared toward raising money for funeral costs. The money will also go toward other expenses. The family has already raised more than $1,300. As of Tuesday, they were closer to their $12,000 goal.

A GoFundMe campaign has also been set up for Christina Bird. The girl’s family says she was injured in a crash on July 6 and has been placed on life support. The driver, Edgar Ivan Galindo Diaz, has turned himself in.


Despite being paralyzed from the neck down, Erika “Bird” Martinez is showing signs of recovery. The 28-year-old was found to have cocaine in her system in August 2003, and was referred to an intensive outpatient treatment program. After months of therapy, she was able to walk on her own, but still suffers from numbness on the left side of her body.

Doctors are still unclear as to what caused MIS-C. While it’s believed that MIS-C is not associated with a severe COVID-19 infection, doctors are still wondering whether there are other underlying genetic factors that may be involved.



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