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What Happened in Santa Clarita Today?

Several events have occurred in Santa Clarita today. Some have been tragic, while others are mundane. Some of the events included a high school shooting, the death of a local actor, and the debut of a new television series about the history of Santa Barbara.

March 1: Berry Petroleum Co. emerges from bankruptcy

Almost four years after filing for bankruptcy protection, Berry Petroleum Co. emerges from bankruptcy as a stand-alone company. The company is now focused on exploration of domestic oil reserves and acquiring Texas and Kansas oil and gas properties.

The company’s assets include oil and gas properties in Kansas, Colorado and California. Berry also operates oil and gas properties in Texas.

The company’s focus is on Hugoton Field in Kansas. In addition to producing oil, the company also owns a natural gas field in Placerita Canyon, California. Berry Petroleum Company LLC is also focused on acquisitions of oil and gas properties in California.

May 12: L.A. County supervisors reapprove Landmark Village and Mission Village

Earlier this week, Los Angeles County supervisors reapproved Landmark Village and Mission Village. These two planned communities will form part of the larger Newhall Ranch project. This ambitious project will add more than 20,000 new homes to the northwest Santa Clarita Valley. It is one of the largest development projects in North Los Angeles County.

The Landmark Village and Mission Village phases of the Newhall Ranch project would each include a school, a fire station, a bus transfer station, and a library. They would also include 270 single-family home lots and 119 lots for open space.

Deaths of Mary Pickford, John Wayne, and Robert E. Callahan

Several of the Santa Clarita Valley’s famous silent film stars died in the past week. In addition to the death of John Wayne, a few weeks ago, another silent film actor died. Among them was the famed silent comedian, Charlie Chaplin. His death was due to pneumonia.

He had been ill for a week before his death. His body was moved to Anna Magagna’s home last evening. A funeral was held at Rogan mortuary on December 22.

The Santa Clarita Valley is still mourning the death of another silent actor. The death of John Stoll has left his family without one of its patriarchs. Stoll had been living in the Sweetwater county area all his life. He had four brothers and five sisters. He died Sunday at the Fort Lewis hospital.

Death of Harry Carey Jr. in Santa Barbara

Known for his roles in numerous Westerns, actor Harry Carey Jr. died of natural causes in a hospice facility in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Thursday, January 8, 2008. His passing comes ten years after he and his wife Marilyn moved to Santa Barbara from their former home of Durango, Colo.

Although Carey never achieved screen dominance like Wayne, his role in “The Long Gray Line” (1955), and his performance as the U.S. marshal in “Tombstone” (1993) were among his last filmed appearances. He was also known for his role as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club on ABC.

DNA haplogroups split into haplogroups found in American Indians

Despite the diversity of the mtDNA haplogroups in Native Americans, they share one common ancestral group. This group is believed to be the ancestor of all modern humans. It is also found in Europeans and North Africans. However, a more extensive survey of Asian mtDNAs will be needed to determine the origin of haplogroup X in North America.

Haplogroup X is not found in modern eastern Asia. It is present in Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia. It is found in 7% of the Navajo and 11%-13% of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth. It also occurs in other northern Amerindian populations such as the Sioux, Meskwaki, Ojibwa, and the Athabaskans.

Saugus High School shooting

Approximately two minutes before classes started, a teenage shooter opened fire at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. He killed two people and injured three others. He then shot himself in the head. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI are conducting the investigation.

Investigators don’t know what motivated the shooter, but he seems to have acted without ideological purpose. After the shooting, deputies began an extensive search for the suspect. They have questioned every student on campus. They have also served a search warrant on the suspect’s home.



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