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“WeWork” Movie Review – Cameron Lautner, O-T Fagbenle and America Ferrera

“WeWork” Movie Review – Cameron Lautner, O-T Fagbenle and America Ferrera

In ‘WeCrashed,’ O-T Fagbenle portrays Cameron Lautner, a partner at Benchmark Capital, an enterprise capital firm that was an early buyer of WeWork. At an emergency board meeting, the Benchmark Capital partners confronted WeWork CEO Neumann about his actions.


The movie WeCrashed stars America Ferrera as Elishia Kennedy, a young entrepreneur caught up in the WeWork craze. Cameron Lautner, played by O-T Fagbenle, is a powerful investment firm partner charged with getting WeWork ready for an IPO. In this movie, Cameron’s reputation is stained by the wrongful actions of one of his business partners.

WeWork, the company Cameron created, had over half a million paying customers by 2019. However, WeWork was not profitable, and the rapid expansion destroyed billions of dollars in investor money. It lost $690 million in the first half of 2019 alone. The film’s character O-T Fagbenle is not based on a real person. Instead, he is amalgamated from some of Benchmark Capital’s partners, who took issue with Neumann’s decisions.

WeCrashed is not based on a real person, but many of the business ventures and characters are based on real companies and products. For example, in the movie, the character Cameron Lautner creates a ride-sharing company called Freebird, which resembles Uber and Lyft. In addition to this, Lautner’s business partner in WeCrashed is Adam Neumann, who co-founded WeWork with his wife Rebekah Paltrow Neumann.

Benchmark Capital

In the movie “WeWork,” Cameron Lautner, the partner at Benchmark Capital, tries to end Adam Neumann’s erratic decision-making, especially after the company went public. He sets up base in WeWork’s office, where he confronts Adam Neumann about the company’s profitability and his love of surfing. The episode is a bleak portrait of a startup with its own plight.

The character played by O-T Fagbenle is not based on a specific partner at Benchmark. However, he is loosely based on the company’s partners. Interestingly, it’s possible that the actors playing these characters are dramatized versions of real-life Benchmark partners.

Bruce, another of Benchmark Capital’s partners, was an early investor in WeWork and tries to explain Adam’s actions. Bruce also leads the charge against the irresponsible co-founder. Despite Adam’s efforts, the CEO is ultimately forced to resign.

O-T Fagbenle

“WeCrashed” is a new Apple TV+ limited series that follows the fallout from the WeWork disaster. Starring David Fagbenle and O-T Fagbenle, the comedy follows the narcissistic CEO of the company who makes a business out of his employees’ ideas.

Fagbenle is a TV star, and Lautner is a power investor. Together, they’re trying to acquire WeWork. WeWork’s founder Adam Neumann is in peak form before its IPO. Listen to their conversation below to find out more.

Fagbenle, who played Luke on The Handmaid’s Tale, will also star in the upcoming fifth season. Fagbenle is an Emmy-nominated actor who has starred in a number of films and television series. He is currently starring in The First Lady and the new movie WeCrashed, and has also made several appearances in other films, including Maxxx and Black Widow.

O-T Fagbenle will play the fictional character Cameron Lautner, who is one of the partners of Benchmark Capital, which was one of the first investors of WeWork. He leads a board meeting to confront WeWork’s CEO and get him to change his ways.

Adam Neumann

If you’re curious about Adam Neumann and his relationship with WeWork, you may want to check out WeCrashed, a new documentary about the co-founder. The movie follows Neumann as he turns from a struggling business owner into a larger-than-life CEO. The movie also features the co-founder’s wife, who plays a pivotal role in the story.

While Adam Neumann and his wife are married, there are differences between them. Despite the similar names, the two men are not related. Neither was born with the same first name. Their wives have completely different backgrounds. Rebekah, Adam’s wife, tried to break into the acting business and later became chief brand and impact officer of WeWork.

WeWork’s rapid growth has burned through billions of dollars in investor funds. It had revenue of $1.8 billion in 2018, but a loss of $1.9 billion in the first half of 2019. The company is currently losing money despite claiming to have more than half a million paying customers.

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