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Was Nancy Travis on Grey’s Anatomy?

The award-winning actress Nancy Travis has had a long acting career, starting off with her role in the film “Frankenstein.” After she graduated from film school, she was cast in the TV series GREY, where she played the character of Jocelynn. In recent years, she’s been nominated for a number of awards, including the Best Supporting Actress nomination for her work on GREY. Here’s more on her career, life, and family.

Acting career

Despite being a relatively young actress, Nancy Travis has managed to make a name for herself. She’s been nominated for three awards and has received two SAG nominations for her work. As well as acting, she’s also a producer and a comedian.

The actress began her career with the American Jewish Theatre in New York City. She appeared in the Frank Pugliese play “Aven-U Boys” and joined a national tour of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs.

Aside from a stint in the tinsel town, Nancy is perhaps best known for her role as Joyce Reardon in the Stephen King miniseries Rose Red. She’s also been seen opposite Treat Williams in the 2009 film Safe Harbor.

One of the actress’ biggest hits was Three Men and a Baby. It’s a comedy about three bachelors who decide to adopt a love child. After the movie aired, Travis starred in several television series.

In the past, Travis has also lent her voice to a variety of animated characters on the Adult animated sitcom ‘Duckman’.

Family life

Aside from acting, Nancy Travis is also a mother and a producer. In fact, she is the founder of Off-Broadway theatre company Naked Angels.

Nancy Travis has appeared in over 40 movies, plays, and TV series. She has received two nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award and one for the Prism Award.

When she was in high school, Nancy Travis started to develop an interest in film. Afterward, she studied drama at New York University. After graduating, she acted in several productions.

In her early career, she worked with the American Jewish Theatre in NYC. She then joined the national tour of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs. At the time, she lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Later, she married Robert N. Fried, a fellow film industry professional. They have two sons.

Several people have attributed her success to her strong family ties. In addition, she is proud of being a New Yorker.

GREY’s anatomy

Nancy Travis has a pretty impressive list of TV and film appearances. She’s been a part of the “Three Men and a Baby” sequel, “The Bill Engvall Show” and has even starred in a movie. The actress’s latest gig is playing Allison Baker on Grey’s Anatomy.

The actress landed her first major lead role on the short-lived ABC tv series, “Harem.” She also appeared on the long-running CBS sitcom, “Becker,” in its final two seasons. In the ensuing years, she also played in numerous films and television series.

Her heyday was in the late 1980’s when she appeared in several cult classics, including “Air America” and “Married to the Mob.” For her work in those productions, she was awarded a spot on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Also, she was nominated for a Prism Award in 2008.

In the ensuing decade, she landed the title role in “The Secret of NIMH,” a comedy series based on a memoir written by neuroscientist Jonas Salk. Later, she starred in the hit CBS comedy, “Boston Legal,” as an insurance agent. This was followed by the “Revenge” series, which featured Henry Czerny as a police officer whose mission is to save the life of a missing criminal.

Awards nominations

As a leading thespian, Nancy Travis is one of the most famous stars in the Nollywood industry. Her career has spanned over three decades. She has been in many television shows and films. And she has also been involved in several stage productions.

She graduated from New York University with a BA in Drama and went on to perform with the American Jewish Theater in New York. Later, she joined the national tour of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs.

In addition to acting, she has been a producer and a wife. She and her husband have two children.

The actress has received two SAG nominations. One was for Performance in a TV movie or miniseries. Another nomination was for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Nancy is also a member of the New York-based off-Broadway theater company Naked Angels. She has been a part of the company’s first performances.



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