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Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard Instagram

Viviane Dieye is currently dating French professional football coach Herve Renard. The duo has been sharing a lot of photos on their Instagram page, as they enjoy a close relationship.

Herve Renard is a famous football coach who travels the world for games. His wife Viviane joins him on these trips and the two share their adventures and create new memories wherever they go. They adore each other, and they enjoy a lavish lifestyle together.

Her husband Herve Renard

Herve Renard is a French professional football coach and former player who is currently the head coach of Saudi Arabia’s national team. He was previously the manager of Zambia.

He was born in Aix-les-Bains, France on September 30, 1968. He is a former defender who played for AS Cannes, Stade de Vallauris, and SC Draguignan.

During his coaching career, Herve Renard has won several awards and made history as the first coach to win two Africa Cup of Nations with two different countries. He is also known for his aggressive tactics in soccer.

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard met through shared partners and were recently married. They are now living together and are very happy in their relationship.

Their relationship is very strong and they love each other more than anything. They enjoy traveling together and making new memories anywhere they go.

Herve Renard and Viviane Dieye have three children, Enzo, Noah, and Maeva. They both had a difficult past, but they are now living happily and enjoying their lives together.

Her children

Herve Renard is dating Viviane Dieye and they have three children together. The children are Enzo, Noah and Maeva.

Her husband Herve Renard is a football coach who currently works for the Saudi Arabia national team. He travelled all over the world to coach teams for games and his wife, Viviane, joins him on these tours.

They adore one another, enjoy a lavish lifestyle and frequently clasp their hands in public. They also enjoy traveling and making new memories together.

She was previously married to Bruno Metsu and they had three kids together. He died of colon cancer on 15 October 2013 and his wife, Viviane, was left in grief.

He was a well-respected coach who led Senegal to a 1-0 victory over France in the first round of the 2002 World Cup finals. He was also the manager of Paris Saint-Germain.

She is from Senegal and owns a sports store in Casablanca. Her store is only for women and is a popular hangout, with many famous brands available.

Her husband’s net worth

Her husband Herve Renard is a well-known French professional football coach. He has a net worth of $103 million. He is currently managing the Saudi Arabia national football team.

Herve Renard was born on September 30, 1968 in Aix-les-Bains, France. He is a married man and has 3 kids from his previous wife.

He is dating Viviane Dieye. They share a good relationship and have lots of love for each other.

Despite their love for each other, they are not revealing the news about their wedding. However, they are seen clasping hands in public often.

Her husband Renard has a huge fan base and people have maintained a keen interest in his antics with his sweetheart.

Herve Renard is the current head coach of the Saudi Arabia national football team and he has an in-depth knowledge of football. He has won many titles as a player and now manages the team. He is a successful coach and is regarded as a lucky charm by his fans.

Her husband’s relationship with Viviane Dieye

Herve Renard has been dating his sweetheart, Viviane Dieye, for a while. They are spotted frequently on social media and share lots of love together. Even though they have not officially announced their intention of getting married any time soon, they may do so if people start to notice how much they admire one another.

Herve is a well-known French professional football coach who currently manages the Saudi Arabia National team. He has previously coached teams such as Ghana, Zambia, and Ivory Coast.

His partner, Viviane Dieye is a sexy Senegalese beauty who owns a business in Morocco, running a sports store in a Casablanca shopping centre. She is also the former wife of Bruno Metsu, a famous football manager who led Senegal to victory over France 20 years ago.

Herve and Viviane are also known for their lavish lifestyles, which they share with each other. They travel the world for games as coaches, and enjoy going out and eating gourmet cuisine. She also provides him with mental support and analyzes his teaching style. They adore each other, are very close, and are often seen clasping hands in public.



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