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True Blood’s Kyle Rittenhouse Sister

If you’ve ever seen the show True Blood, you might have wondered who Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister, Faith, is. Well, it turns out, she isn’t really a sister at all, but a distant cousin, and the two have a long history together, dating back to their childhood.

Faith Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister Faith is a student at high school. She was born in Antioch, Illinois, in August 2000. She is also the first child of Michael and Wendy Rittenhouse. Her parents separated when she was young and she was raised by Wendy and her sister.

She has an American nationality by birth and an Irish and German heritage. She has a height of around 1.66 meters and weighs 115 pounds. She has average eye color. She does not have an Instagram account. She appears to have stopped using social networking sites.

During her trial, Faith Rittenhouse was seated near her brother’s mother, Wendy, and her father, Mike, in the courtroom. They were present for the entire trial.

The family has three children. Kyle’s sister Faith is a junior in high school, while his younger sisters McKenzie and McKeinze are still at school. They all live in Antioch, Illinois.

When Faith Rittenhouse was a teenager, her father was struggling with alcohol and drugs. He was a machine operator and a lifeguard. He struggled with a mental illness. The Rittenhouse family lived in a broken home. She was not allowed to own a gun.

After her father’s death in January 2022, Rittenhouse launched a fundraising campaign on Facebook. Her fundraising efforts supported law enforcement and helped promote Blue Lives Matter. She also posted photos of officers killed in the line of duty.

McKenzie Rittenhouse

One of the youngest members of the Rittenhouse family is McKenzie Rittenhouse. The younger sister is a high school student. She was present during Kyle’s trial. She cried after the verdict was announced.

Rittenhouse’s older sister, Faith, was also in the courtroom. The other daughter, McKeinze, is three years old. She was born in 2004. She has no other information online.

Rittenhouse is a member of The Proud Boys organization, but his lawyers claim that he does not belong to it. He has appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show. He has posted photos of himself with police officers on social media. He has even participated in a program for young people who are interested in law enforcement.

Rittenhouse has also been photographed at right-wing events. He has posted videos of himself shooting a weapon at a target. He has made posts on TikTok expressing interest in law enforcement. He has also launched a fundraising project to sue media outlets in civil courts.

A Facebook fundraiser for Humanizing the Badge was launched by Rittenhouse in December 2018. He also has a page on TikTok where he documents his ordeal. He has also defended his actions, claiming that he was in self-defense.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on five counts of homicide in November. However, he is facing a second-degree attempted intentional homicide charge. His lawyer claims that he was acting in self-defense when he shot the two men.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s father

Kyle Rittenhouse is an 18-year-old right-wing vigilante. He was charged with six criminal offenses after he fatally shot two protestors during a Black Lives Matter rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The incident sparked a series of violent protests in the city.

Rittenhouse claimed he was defending a business in Kenosha. He also testified that he was involved with the cadet program for at-risk youths in Antioch, Ill. A photo shows Rittenhouse wearing a police cadet uniform.

Rittenhouse has been living in Antioch since he was a child. In the past, he worked as a lifeguard in Kenosha, Wis. and as a machine operator. He also experimented with drugs and alcohol.

When Rittenhouse was four years old, his father, Michael Rittenhouse, was charged with domestic battery. He and his mother, Wendy, separated after welcoming three children together. He served time in prison. He also allegedly strangled his brother and violated probation.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s parents divorced in 2003, after he was born. He grew up in Antioch and Kenosha. He attended school in both cities.

When Rittenhouse was a teenager, he worked in several jobs, including at the Lake Villa School in Antioch. He later graduated from the school. His mother is a nurse’s assistant. He has two biological sisters and one sister, Faith, who is 16 years old.



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