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TikTok Class Action Settlement – How to Claim $92 Million in TikTok Settlement Payments

TikTok Class Action Settlement – How to Claim $92 Million in TikTok Settlement Payments

TikTok is an online video sharing app that enables users to upload their work and share them with the world. In order to create a TikTok account, users must meet a set of on-line requirements, which include providing a name and e-mail address. The video-sharing application is currently under legal scrutiny because of allegations of information piracy and the illegal use of kids’ personal information.

TikTok settlement payout arose due to illegal use of data of TikTok users

A federal judge recently approved a $92 million class action settlement in favor of TikTok users who alleged the company unlawfully collected and used sensitive personal data from the social media platform. In the lawsuit, TikTok was accused of collecting, using, and storing biometric information without the consent of users. While the company denied misusing biometric information, it will now implement new training to comply with biometric data privacy laws. It also agreed to hire a third party to review its data compliance training to make sure it is being done properly.

In the settlement, TikTok agreed not to collect geolocation and biometric data from users. Additionally, the company agreed not to transmit user data outside the US. It also agreed to delete pre-uploaded user-generated content. To be eligible for the payout, users must file a claim by March 1, 2022. The settlement also covers attorneys’ fees, which can total up to a third of the payout.

As the number of BIPA lawsuits continue to rise, the TikTok data privacy settlement payout will likely increase. While the settlement will not be as high as Facebook’s $92 million payout, it does show the power of the BIPA law as a tool for individual consumers to force large companies to change their privacy policies. A lawsuit against a company under the BIPA statute can lead to monetary and injunctive relief for the consumer. The IAPP will be ready to analyze any further BIPA lawsuits as they arise.

TikTok users may be eligible to claim a portion of a settlement payment

If you use TikTok on a regular basis, you may be eligible to receive part of a $92 million privacy settlement payment. This settlement came after the video app’s parent company Bytedance was sued for sharing users’ data without their consent. The company denied the allegations, but eventually agreed to pay the money in order to avoid going to trial. You can apply for your share online. However, you should be aware that the payment may be less than a dollar.

If you’re interested in receiving a portion of the settlement payment, you have a limited time to act. Before March 1, 2022, you must complete a claim form. Additionally, you must agree to receive Insider partner offers, marketing emails, and TikTok’s terms of service and privacy policy.

The settlement includes several other measures to protect users’ privacy. Among them is a promise that TikTok will not collect biometric data and will stop using geolocation data. It will also delete any draft posts and will never use them in the future. In addition, users who joined TikTok before Oct. 1 may be eligible to claim a portion of the privacy settlement payment.

Users in the United States are eligible to file a claim if they feel that their personal information has been misused by TikTok. The claim form must be submitted to TikTok by Mar. 1 2022, and the final approval hearing will be held on May 18, 2022.

TikTok users would have to file a class-action lawsuit to claim it

TikTok users could potentially be entitled to a $92 million settlement under federal and Illinois law. But in order to claim the settlement, users would have to file a class action lawsuit. In the case of TikTok, this means submitting a form to the company. And that form would have to be submitted by Mar. 1, 2022, and a final hearing would take place on May 18, 2022.

The $92 million settlement would be split among eligible users. However, to be eligible, users must have used the TikTok app between August 2017 and August 2020. Therefore, if users do not submit claims before the deadline, they will not qualify.

The settlement was reached after 21 lawsuits against TikTok, some of which were filed by minors. The lawsuits allege that TikTok unlawfully harvested and used the biometric information of users without their consent. This is in violation of the California Biometric Information Privacy Act, which guarantees people’s rights to file suit against companies that collect biometric information without consent.

While TikTok may be a fun and enjoyable social media app, it comes with a heavy price. TikTok’s data collection and sharing practices were revealed after plaintiffs’ lawyers hired investigators to dig into their company’s practices. The company is not admitting guilt, but has agreed to settle the case in order to avoid a trial. Users can apply for a share of the $92 million settlement by applying online. However, claiming the share would require filing a class-action lawsuit.



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