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The Santa Clarita 5 Freeway Is Closed For Repairs

Those traveling southbound on the Santa Clarita 5 Freeway will be unable to get to the 14 Freeway until Thursday, when the second phase of the closure will be completed. The freeway will be closed between the 14 Freeway and Calgrove Boulevard. According to a Caltrans spokesperson, the repairs could take up to mid-November.

Santa Clarita 5 freeway will be closed between the 14 Freeway and Calgrove Boulevard

During the month of November, the Santa Clarita 5 freeway will be closed between the 14 Freeway and Calgrove Boulevard. This is part of the plan to widen the Interstate 5 Freeway, which includes building four new express lanes, installing rail improvements, and creating bicyclist and pedestrian improvements. The cost of the project is estimated to be $4.8 billion.

The plan includes a number of phases, which are all designed to be completed in 2026. The largest and most expensive will be the widening of a five-mile stretch of I-5 from the 73 toll road to El Toro Road. This project will be funded with federal dollars, with construction set to begin in fiscal year 2012-13.

Golden State (5) Freeway in the Castaic area will close again

Earlier this week, a fast-moving brush fire broke out alongside the Golden State (5) Freeway in the Castaic area. It prompted emergency contractors to shut down portions of the freeway. Fire officials have been working to smother the flames.

The fire has burned 5,208 acres in the area. It first began around noon Wednesday alongside the 5 Freeway, near Lake Hughes Road. The Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatched ground crews and fixed-wing aircraft to fight the flames. The fire quickly spread to more than 4,600 acres and caused evacuations. It has damaged two structures and has threatened 500 more structures, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Second phase of 5 freeway closures will begin Sunday and last until Thursday

Several road closures will take place this week and weekend, including a five-day closure of the 210 Freeway. It’s part of the San Gabriel River Bridge hinge replacement project. The closure will run from August 17 to August 23, with one lane in each direction closing for five nights.

There will also be nightly closures on Interstate 10 from 75th Avenue to Avondale Boulevard. The Interstate will be closed during the evening hours, which could affect commuters who cross the Orange Curtain. Depending on the work being done, the closures will last through late November.

Firefighters are anticipating “rapid fire growth and explosive fire behavior”

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Route Fire in Castaic area will close again at 11:59 p.m.

Earlier this week, a brush fire erupted along the 5 Freeway near Lake Hughes Road in Castaic. The fire was reported Wednesday afternoon. The blaze burned over 4,600 acres in a matter of hours. It’s not yet clear when it will be extinguished, but firefighters are expected to be on scene to help put the flames out.

Crews remained on the scene through nights of flare-ups. The fire had only destroyed two homes, but dozens of structures are threatened.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department reports that the Route Fire has burned more than 5,200 acres. Firefighters are now at 37% containment.

Caltrans repairs part of the road damage caused by the Route Fire

Earlier this week, Caltrans began repairing a part of the road damage caused by the Route Fire. Crews are assessing the damaged retaining walls along the freeway and working to replace signs, guardrails, and other infrastructure. The repairs will take a few months to complete.

The Route Fire is estimated to have burned more than 5,000 acres, and the damage caused by the fire has halted traffic along the 5 Freeway. The fire started near Lake Hughes Road and I-5 in the Castaic area last week.

The two right lanes of the freeway were closed for the entire weekend, and the other two lanes will remain closed for at least the next week. Crews have been working to pave the inside shoulder for nearly two miles.

Caltrans says repairs could take until mid-November

During the week after a storm surge in December, a rock slide carved a huge hole and sent tens of thousands of cubic yards of dirt into the Pacific Ocean. The National Transportation Safety Board released a report that found Caltrans had a “systemic problem” and urged the state to improve its repair procedures.

Crews have been working to repair the slide since July 3. They will begin drilling today to safely remove material from the slope. Crews will then start installing cable netting to the face of the slope. A helicopter will hold the netting in place for at least two days.



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