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The Regal Palladium and IMAX in High Point, NC

The Regal Palladium and IMAX in High Point, NC

The Regal Palladium and IMAX theater complex is located in High Point, NC and offers multiple screens that show new releases. Plush seating and concession stands are available. You can see your favorite movie here. The theatre is an excellent choice if you want a great movie experience. There is also a gift shop for your enjoyment.

IMAX movies

The Regal Palladium and IMAX movie theaters in North Carolina are scheduled to reopen on May 7. The theaters closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the theaters in Raleigh, there are also Regal Cinemas locations in 10 other cities. In a recent move, Governor Roy Cooper relaxed COVID-19 restrictions for movie theaters. As a result, more people can now attend movies, although the attendance limit is now 50% per screen.

The Regal Palladium & IMAX theater complex in High Point, NC offers several screens for new release movies. The theater features plush seating and a concession stand. Visitors can enjoy IMAX movies in a comfortable and quiet environment. If you want to get a little more exercise before or after the movie, check out Get Air, a climbing gym.

Feature flicks

Feature flicks at the Regal Palladium are a family-friendly option for a night out. The theatre is clean and comfortable, and the sound system is excellent. While the concession stand is pricey, the popcorn and drinks are always fresh and good. The theatre also offers cheap matinees during the summer.

The theater complex is home to multiple screens and features the latest releases. It also has a concession stand and plush seating for the moviegoers. The theater is open Monday through Friday and closed on major holidays. The theatre also offers a wide selection of other activities besides moviegoing.


If you don’t want to make a special trip to the Regal Palladium, you can buy a Regal Palladium gift card online. Treat makes it easy to purchase gift cards online for millions of merchants, including Regal Palladium. A Giftly card works just like a debit card and is delivered to the recipient in unique packaging. These cards are shipped via USPS First-Class mail.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, Regal Movie Tickets are the perfect choice. They save you money and will impress everyone. You can get up to 25% off the normal box office price. This is a great way to say “thank you” or “I’m so glad I bought this!”


The High Point, NC, area is home to the Regal Palladium & IMAX movie theater complex. This movie complex features multiple screens for the latest releases and plush seating. The theater also offers a concession stand for all your movie-going needs. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly movie or an action-packed thriller, this entertainment complex is a great choice.

For more information on the Regal Palladium & IMAX, visit the website. This website offers a variety of useful information and maps to help you get to the theater. In addition to providing directions, the website also offers a map with real-time travel times. Users can also choose a different route to reach the venue or find a different time.



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