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The Love Story of Tommy Lister and Felicia Forbes

The Love Story of Tommy Lister and Felicia Forbes

Hollywood actor Tommy Lister and actress Felicia Forbes met in 2003 and married the following year. While the two were working on a film, they met each other and fell in love. The couple wed at the home of a construction developer named Faik Haroun. They had a strong bond, as Lister grew up in a strict, religious household. He was a member of the West Angeles Church of God and a follower of the Christian faith.

Tommy Lister

Felicia Forbes is a missionary and a minister living in Capetown, South Africa. She met Tommy Lister in South Africa, where the two met while working on an action movie called “Blast.” The two fell in love at first sight and began meeting frequently. Eventually, they began dating and decided to get married.

The couple married in 2003. They were married just six months after they first met. They met while they were filming a movie in Cape Town. The couple lived in Cape Town together for several years before tying the knot. They later moved to California. The couple’s net worth is believed to be around $2.5 million.

Felicia Forbes was born in 1972 in Cape Town, South Africa. She is now 50 years old, but has not spoken about her early life. While she is a native of South Africa, she became an American citizen after her marriage to Lister. Tommy Lister also talked about Felicia’s late mother, Katie Holmes, who passed away in June 2020.

Felicia Forbes and Tommy Lister were married in 2003. They were parents and have never divorced. Their relationship is very strong. The couple has two children together. They travel the world together as clergymen, visiting temples and schools. Their marriage remained intact even after Tommy Lister died.

Felicia Forbes, a 48-year-old missionary, had a child with Tommy Lister Jr., a 12 year-old daughter named Faith Grace Lister. The couple is not public about the details of their relationship, but some sources say they have a son named Thomas Duane Lister III.

Tommy Lister’s wife Felicia Forbes has a healthy net worth of around $100k. She is also a minister. Her husband’s career in wrestling and acting earned her a considerable amount of money. She is an evangelist and missionary and will inherit her husband’s fortune upon his death.

The couple married in 2003. He met Felicia while filming “Blast” in South Africa. Felicia Forbes is a pastor and a missionary. Their marriage lasted more than a decade. The couple recently attended a friend’s birthday party. In late December, they were spotted spending time together.

The couple had a daughter together named Faith Lister. Their relationship was not publicly confirmed, but they did spend time together. Despite the difficulties in the relationship, they were able to make things work out. Felicia Forbes is the proud mother of their daughter. In addition to their daughter, they have two sons.

The couple met in Cape Town in 2003 while filming an action movie called ‘Blast’. They fell in love at first sight and started a relationship. Their marriage took place in Falk Haroun’s house in 2004. The couple later relocated to California. During the time of the wedding, they became members of the same church in the West Angeles.

Tommy Lister and Felicia Forbes met in South Africa in 2003 while they were working on an action movie called “Blast”. After several dates, they fell in love and decided to get married. The couple married in Cape Town, South Africa, at the house of Falk Haroun, one of the top construction developers in the region. The ceremony was performed by pastor Wayne Meyer of His People Christian Church. Their wedding was attended by Samuel L Jackson and Eddie Griffin.

Tommy Lister and Felicia Forbes are no longer together. Felicia Forbes is a missionary and a minister. She is known for her beautiful hair and her husband Tommy Lister Jr., a former wrestler. They separated in 2019 after an argument on IG Live. They were married for almost two decades.

After leaving the WWE, Lister became an actor. He acted in comedies and dramas and had a successful career in film and wrestling. He also played ‘Deebo’ in the movie “Next Friday” and fought Hulk Hogan in the wrestling ring.

Tommy Lister and Felicia Forbes were married in Cape Town, South Africa. They have one daughter together, Faith Grace Lister. Together, they tried to reach troubled youth in the local churches. While they have been successful in reaching troubled youth, they have been criticized for their controversial methods.



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