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The Dating Life of Dave Portnoy GF – Silvana Mojica

The Dating Life of Dave Portnoy GF – Silvana Mojica

The public separation of David Portnoy and his girlfriend Renee Mojica caused a lot of controversy. The two had been together for years, but their relationship deteriorated over time. While their separation was reported, Renee Portnoy kept a peaceful life and concentrated on her career and charity work.

Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy’s new girlfriend is a Colombian model named Silvana Mojica. The model has been a part of the public eye for quite some time, and she has recently become a new headline in the world of celebrity dating. Silvana was previously associated with Connor McKenzie, but the news about her relationship with Portnoy has her in the spotlight once again. The model is a Columbian by calling, and her Instagram bio notes that she is a design nova diplomat and model.

Silvana Mojica is a professional model and social media marketing assistant who works in Atlanta. She attended Valencia College and Florida State University, and her father, Dave, is a successful entrepreneur. They have two children together, a son and a daughter. Silvana and Dave are 20 years apart in age, and they met when they were both in their early 20’s.

Age difference

Dave Portnoy is dating a model named Silvana Mojica. The pair first got romantically involved last March. Recently, they were spotted going to the Brickell neighborhood hotspot Komodo. They also posted photos on social media. The couple are 18 years apart in age.

Silvana Mojica is a Colombian model and an online personality who has been featured in numerous magazines. She is the alleged girlfriend of American internet personality Dave Portnoy. The two were first seen together in March 2021. Both were coy about their relationship until they were spotted out together. However, the couple has since confirmed their relationship in various social media accounts.

Relationship status

It is unclear whether the former NFL star is still dating the woman who was his wife. He has been linked to several women, including a former professional cheerleader. In January 2017, his wife Renee accused him of infidelity. The couple later split. However, Portnoy denied the allegations and said that their divorce was mutual.

In 2017, David Portnoy was spotted with Silvana Mojica. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has a background in fashion. She has worked as an account executive at Scream Magazine and a social media marketing assistant at Giti Incorporation. She has posed for various magazines and has a model portfolio. In 2018, David Portnoy was also rumored to be dating Shannon St. Clair, a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was later spotted with Claire Jacobs, but their relationship was short-lived.


The Barstool president has a new project he’s putting into action: reviewing Toronto’s best pizza. Portnoy has visited three Toronto-area pizzerias so far and promises to give a definitive ranking. His latest stop was at The Fourth Man in the Fire on Dundas West. He rated the pizza there as “good undercarriage.”

Portnoy is an American media mogul best known for his Barstool Sports empire, which has its roots in sports betting but has expanded into food. He’s become known for his pizza reviews, which are widely distributed on YouTube. He’s even partnered with sports drink company Revitalyte to add an electrolyte recovery drink to his menu.

Traveling habits

The Traveling Habits of Dave Portnoy GF – Silvana Mojica’s Traveling Habits have been revealed after the actress became his girlfriend in 2013. She first posted about their relationship on Instagram on November 24th 2013. She is an avid foodie who travels to her favorite restaurants to enjoy her favorite meals. She also likes to go out with friends to drink alcohol, which is not good for her health. She loves exploring new places and experimenting with different cuisines.

Before meeting Silvana, David Portnoy dated Shannon St. Clair, a model and social media influencer. However, a recent report in the Insider has put him in the spotlight once again. He denied all accusations and has defended himself from rumors of sexual misconduct, but there has been no confirmation yet. Nevertheless, he has been spotted out partying with Silvana, and she is also active on Instagram. She has an account with the username @silvanamojica. The actress also uses her account for her modeling portfolio.

Net worth

Dave Portnoy grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts and studied at the University of Michigan. He went on to earn his degree in education. After graduating, he pursued his career as a journalist and later joined ESPN. He was married to Renee Portnoy Satherthwaite, an equestrian and internet personality. However, their relationship ended in 2017 and they divorced.

Dave Portnoy’s GF, Silvana Mojica, is a model and a social media star. She is famous for her stylish looks and trendy fashion. Her social media following is huge. She is worth an estimated two to three million dollars.



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