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Spencer Elden Net Worth

Spencer Elden Net Worth

Spencer Elden is a photographer and model who has a net worth of $5 million. He first gained fame as an infant when he was featured in a Nirvana advertisement. He has since pursued a career in entrepreneurship and modelling. In addition to his work as a photographer, Spencer Elden is also a model and an artist. He is single.

spencer elden was a photographer for nirvana

Spencer Elden is suing Nirvana for child pornography over a photo of him as a baby on their “Nevermind” album cover. The photo shows Elden as a four-month-old swimming naked in a pool. The image is a widely recognized symbol of the album and is considered a critique of capitalism.

The suit was filed in August 2021, alleging that Nirvana failed to protect Spencer and did not prevent widespread image trafficking. Elden, who was photographed alongside Kurt Cobain, is seeking damages of $150,000 from each defendant. After graduating from high school, Elden interned for the artist Shepard Fairey and went on to study at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Elden also maintains a painting practice.

Nirvana’s 1991 album cover featured Elden as a naked baby. Elden’s lawsuit alleges that the album cover violated federal child pornography laws, and sought damages from the band and its members. He also sued the photographer who took the photos, Kirk Weddle.

he is an artist

Spencer Elden is a very talented artist. Besides being an artist, he’s also very pissed off. You may remember Elden from the cover of Nirvana’s album “Teen Spirit” 25 years ago. He has since re-created that famous pool scene many times, and his tattoo of “Nevermind” is visible all over his body.

Born in 1991, Spencer Elden has been interested in art since his childhood. He studied at a private school near his hometown and then went on to the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. He now works as a professional artist and shares many of his latest paintings on his Facebook page. He also models, and has worked with many brands.

Spencer Elden is a Christian. His parents raised him in a Christian home. He was born February 7, 1991, in Los Angeles. Although he has kept his personal life private, it is unclear whether Nirvana abused him. Besides being a Christian, Elden is also American by nationality.

he is a model

Spencer Elden is a well-known American model and painter who has amassed a large net worth. He is also a musician and collector of art, and he is known for his paintings of celebrities. Elden began his modeling career by posing for advertisements and editorials at an early age. He later became a well-known face in the fashion industry, and he is now considered one of the richest young men in the industry.

Spencer Elden began modeling at a young age, and at 17 he recreated a photo from his childhood album, which he sold for a thousand dollars. He has also modeled for several brands and agencies, and he has several tattoos of elements of the movie Nevermind.

he is unmarried

Spencer Elden is an American artist with a net worth of around $500k to $1 million. He was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Elden was discovered at a young age through his photographs taken underwater. His image was featured on the cover of a Nirvana album and he has since become famous.

Spencer Elden was born on February 7, 1991 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in a Christian home by a stay-at-home mother and a businessman father. His mother never gave his parents’ names. Elden has a sibling and a cousin and loves spending time with his family.

he has a girlfriend

Spencer Elden is a young boy with beautiful blue eyes and a blonde hair. He started his career at the age of four months and is known for his cover photo for the 1991 Nirvana album Nevermind. The photo of a naked baby boy swimming in a pool put him in the spotlight, and Nirvana used it as their album cover. Although it was technically sexual exploitation, the publicity brought Spencer Elden a lot of fame.

As a kid, Spencer Elden was interested in art. He would often paint famous people. He describes himself as an artist. He has dated Shepard Fairey for five years, and he was a big music fan. He also enjoys hanging out with his pet dog.



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