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Savani Quintanilla

Savani Quintanilla is the daughter of renowned American producer, singer, and songwriter A.B. Quintanilla III and Evangelina Almeida.

The Texan star was born on 27th November 1991. His father is a renowned musician, songwriter, and record producer who is also the older brother of Tejano music queen Selena Quintanilla.

Personal Life

Savani Quintanilla is a talented musician and producer. Her parents are from the entertainment industry. Her grandfather is a famous singer and songwriter, A.B. Quintanilla Jr., and her mother is an American model.

Her father is also a famous record producer and music artist. He is also the nephew of Selena Quintanilla, who was killed by Yolanda Saldivar on March 31, 1995.

He has eight children with different spouses. His youngest son, Gianni, was born in 2000.

Besides, he has six other siblings, all of whom came about from his many relationships. One of them is a half-sister named Martika, who was born in 2000.

AB Quintanilla was married to his first wife, Vangie, for 12 years. Sadly, their relationship ended in separation. He then married Rikkie Leigh Robertson for the second time. He later married his fourth wife, Brenda Ramirez, and his fifth wife Anjelah O. Currently, he is divorced. Nonetheless, he is still earning a lot of money from his profession as a songwriter and record producer.

Net Worth

Savani Quintanilla is a famous celebrity kid, who has earned immense popularity because of her superstar parents. Her father, AB Quintanilla, is a Mexican-American singer-songwriter and producer.

Her mother, Rikkie Leigh Robertson, is an American model. She is the sister of actress Suzetta Quintallina, and the niece of legendary singer Selena Quintanilla, who was murdered at the age of 23.

Despite her privileged lifestyle, she is still a private person and has kept all the details of her personal life under wraps. She is currently single and has not openly been dating anyone.

She has amassed a large net worth and is now living the best of her life with her family. She hasn’t revealed any of her earnings or income yet.

Her father, AB Quintanilla, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He was previously married to his first wife Vangie. They had four children together. He has also been married to Evangelina Almeida and Rikkie Leigh Robertson.


Savani Quintanilla is a famous music producer, songwriter, and engineer. He is the son of AB Quintanilla III and Evangelina Almeida.

He is also a nephew of the Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. He was born in 1991 and is currently in his 30s.

His father is a well-known musician, songwriter, and record producer. He has written several hit songs, such as “Como la Flor,” “Amor Prohibido,” and “No Me Queda Mas.”

AB Quintanilla is also a co-owner of the marijuana company Alebrije Texaco. The firm offers a variety of cannabis-derived products.

As a result, he has made a lot of money. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private.

He is a popular music artist, songwriter, and engineer who is also a close family member of the late singer Selena Quintanilla. Besides, he is the brother of A.B. Quintanilla III, a successful record producer and songwriter.

Social Media

Savani Quintanilla is a social media celebrity who has a huge fan base. He uses social networking sites to connect with his fans and also promotes his new music.

He has a large following on Facebook and Instagram and is also active on Twitter. He has a good number of followers and shares many pictures and videos with them.

As a musician, he is very active on Instagram and also posts a lot of pictures of his daughter Yvie. He is very close with Yvie and often shares pictures of her looking cute.

In addition, he has two younger paternal half-brothers named Abraham and Elijah. They are both very active on social media and use it to pay tribute to their aunt Selena.

His father, A.B. Quintanilla III, is a renowned American singer-songwriter and producer. He is also the founder of the band ‘Kumbia Kings.’ He has been involved in some controversies over the years, such as a public court battle with Cruz Martinez.



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