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Santa Clarita’s Hometown News

Whether you’re a Santa Clarita resident or just passing through, you may want to know where to go for the latest local news. ABC30 Fresno has a digital column on Santa Clarita, and the local television station KIIS has local programming on its channel.

ABC30 Fresno’s digital column on Santa Clarita

Whether you are looking for traffic updates, local sports news, or the latest Santa Clarita news, ABC30 Fresno’s digital column on Santa Clarita is the place to go. ABC7 Los Angeles also provides exclusive Santa Clarita news stories.

The ABC Owned Television Stations group is owned by Walt Disney Inc., which makes it one of the largest television networks in the country. ABC7 San Francisco provides daily news content as well as daily news photos. ABC30 Fresno’s digital Santa Clarita column is one of the most popular in the Valley.

The ABC Owned Television Stations Group is comprised of ABC7 San Francisco, ABC30 Fresno, ABC7 Los Angeles, and ABC7 Eye Witness. Each provides a different type of news content. ABC7 San Francisco provides daily news content, while ABC7 Eye Witness and ABC30 Fresno offer extended coverage and a digital Santa Clarita column. ABC7 San Francisco also provides local weather and sports updates. ABC30 Fresno’s Santa Clarita column is one of the most comprehensive in the Valley.

KBET’s evolution into a full-service radio station

KBET-AM, 104.3 FM is set to be acquired by Silver State Communications. The deal will be subject to FCC approval. The company will acquire the station’s programming and certain assets. It will also retain ownership of the KCYE-FM dial position.

The term full-service radio refers to a radio station that serves a wide spectrum of listeners. It is characterized by a mix of music programming. Typically, it is based on classic country or adult contemporary, but it also contains a variety of ethnic and other specialty music. The station may also affiliate with a professional sports team radio network. The station may also offer a limited amount of brokered programming during off-peak hours.

Traditionally, full-service radio is confined to rural areas. It is also known as hometown radio. It is different from the all-pop music stations that are popular in the 21st century. Many full-service stations also feature significant local advertising.

The format is also known as community radio in New Zealand. Smaller full-service stations can serve a large area without needing to expand their broadcasting facilities. They also have the advantage of being attractive to smaller businesses. They tend to work well in rural areas, because they don’t require as large a footprint as larger corporate-run stations.

Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival

Known for its realism and authenticity, the Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in Santa Clarita, California attracts over 10,000 visitors every year. This two-day festival, which takes place in Historic Old Town Newhall, features a wide range of Western music, food, and entertainment. It’s a family-friendly event that celebrates the rich history and culture of the Western culture.

The festival will feature performances by songwriters and performers from seven Western states and Canada. The festival also features traditional western foods, live entertainment, Western designer fashion, and living history exhibits.

The festival has been held for 26 years. It started in 1994 when the Melody Ranch, a motion picture studio and ranch located in Newhall, was the venue. The ranch was once owned by Gene Autry. It now attracts visitors from across the country.

The festival will also feature a variety of Western films. Some of these films will be screened at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

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