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Samantha Speno

Samantha Speno

Samantha Speno is a businesswoman, gymnastics teacher, and entrepreneur. She is also the ex-wife of WWE wrestler Randy Orton. They were married on September 21, 2007. The wedding was attended by family and friends of Randy Orton. The couple has a daughter.

Samantha Speno and Randy Orton separated in 2013. After a decade of marriage, the couple decided to part ways. After the divorce, Samantha received child custody and Randy was allowed to visit Alanna. They settled on 4500 dollars a month in child support. Samantha and Randy shared a daughter named Alanna.

Samantha Speno is a native of Missouri. She graduated from Francis Howell North High School when she was just eighteen. She is not as socially active as her ex-husband. She does not use social media and prefers to keep her personal information private.

Samantha Speno is an American make-up artist and entrepreneur. She is currently living in St. Louis with her daughter. Her love life is relatively private, and she has not revealed the names of her boyfriends or husbands. However, Samantha Speno’s former husband Randy recently married Kimberly Kessler, who was a wrestling fan before she met him. The couple got engaged in July 2015 and got married in November of the same year.

Samantha and Randy split in 2012 after a decade of dating. Samantha was awarded custody of her daughter Alanna, and he was ordered to pay $4500 a month in child support. Samantha kept the $100,000 engagement ring and the house they shared before the divorce. Samantha Speno is a former waitress and aspiring entrepreneur.

Samantha Speno has a net worth of $1 million. She also has several businesses. Her jewellery line Rocks+Stars and her own company Stultify Incorporation Limited have both contributed to her success. Her company employs talented in-house workers and has a social media presence.

Samantha’s parents raised her in Missouri. She went to Francis Howell North High School and was an active student. While there, she excelled in gymnastics. She graduated from Francis Howell North High School in 2000. After graduation, she worked as a waitress in a local bar.

Samantha Speno and Randy Orton are divorced. Samantha Speno’s ex-husband has been called “The Viper” and had a reptile-themed room for his son when he was growing up. He was also an animal lover. He even had a 10-foot Bermes Python in his room.



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