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Richard William Wheaton Jr

Richard William Wheaton Jr

Richard William Wheaton Jr. is an actor who starred in the popular television series Star Trek. He played a variety of roles on the series, and directed many episodes as well. He also appeared in many other television shows and feature films. He continues to make occasional appearances on television.


Richard Wheaton is an American actor. He has starred in television shows and films like Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has narrated a number of audio books. He has also directed several television shows and movies. In addition, he continues to make occasional appearances on television.

Richard William Wheaton Jr was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His family history includes two ancestors who signed the United States Declaration of Independence. Another ancestor served as the governor of Missouri during the mid-1800s. The actor spent his early childhood in California and attended a university. He graduated with an MFA in 1968.


Richard William Wheaton Jr.’s education led to his career as a scholar and educator in the field of philosophy, religion, and moral theology. He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in these fields. In addition to his scholarly output, Wheaton also made significant contributions to the development of semiconductor and optoelectronic technology for civilian applications. He also published more than 300 papers and lectured widely around the world.

He also narrates several bestselling audiobooks. Among them is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. In this novel, Wheaton plays a role of a joint president of a virtual society, Oasis. Other notable books narrated by Wheaton include “Armada” by Ernest Cline, “Redshirts” by John Scalzi, and the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.


After graduating from UCLA, Richard Wheaton returned to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. He has starred in numerous television shows and films, including the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation series. He has also narrated several books, both by himself and other authors.

Wheaton has also narrated a number of bestselling audiobooks. One of his notable appearances is in the fictional world of Ready Player One, a book written by Ernest Cline. In this novel, he plays a computer hacker who is the rival of Hardison. He has also narrated several other books, including the bestselling Armada series, Redshirts, and the Chronicles of Amber series.

Net worth

Richard William Wheaton jr has a net worth of $50 million. He has made a career for himself as an actor and has starred in many television series and films. Besides his acting skills, Wheaton is also a voice artist, and has voiced a number of animated characters. In addition to his work on television, Wheaton is also active in the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Wil Wheaton was born in Burbank, California, and earned his net worth by working as an actor and writer. His television role as Wesley Crusher on the popular series ‘Star Trek’ gave him recognition. He also appeared in films like Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers. He also had a guest appearance on ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Besides acting, Wil Wheaton also works as a writer and blogger.


Richard William Wheaton jr and divorce are not the same. The former sitcom star is still married and has two children. The couple got married in 1999 and their children are named Nolan and Ryan Wheaton. Both of them are now grown up and living in California. Wheaton is also the owner of his own blog.

He is a well known actor who played the role of Wesley Crusher on the Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was married to the actress Anne Wheaton. The couple has two sons, Ryan and Nolan, from his first marriage. He has not released the names of their children, but he is happy with the quality of the children they have together.


As far as we know, Richard William Wheaton jr’s children are not his biological ones. His parents are the actress Anne Prince and the actor Wil Wheaton. The actor grew up in Sunland, California, where his mother taught him to perform. He later married Anne Prince and had two sons, Nolan and Ryan.

His parents met at a New Year’s Eve party. In 1999, they were married. After their marriage, they co-starred in the 2003 movie Neverland. Their relationship is not very public, but they both consider each other as their “space mom” and “space son,” respectively. Despite not revealing the names of their children, they are still in their early fifties.

Books written by Wil Wheaton

Richard William Wheaton jr is a voice actor who has done voice work for a number of television series and movies. He has portrayed a variety of characters, including Aqualad in the Teen Titans series, Cosmic Boy in the Legends of Tomorrow series, and Mike Morningstar in the Ben 10 universe. He also plays poker, and has participated in World Poker Tour Championships. He is a former Team PokerStars player.

Richard William Wheaton jr books written By Wil Wheaton, whose real name is Richard William Wheaton, was born on July 29, 1972. He has two sons from a previous marriage, and adopted them when they were young. He has been married to Anne Prince since 1999. The couple lives in Arcadia, California. His wife is a former professional boxer and an avid Dodgers fan. He is also a member of several non-profit organizations.



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