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Rebel Wilson Celebrates Sue Bownds’ Retirement

Rebel Wilson, the Australian actress, celebrated her mother Sue Bownds’ retirement by gifting her a luxe Tiffany bracelet. She shared the special moment with her fans on Instagram Stories.

Bownds is a professional dog handler in her spare time. She also worked as a beagle breeder with her late husband.

Sue E. Bownds is a Celebrity Mother

Sue Bownds is a famous celebrity mother in Australia. She is the mother of Rebel Wilson, a multitalented actress.

She is also a professional dog handler. She has been working in this field for more than 40 years. She has been judging dog shows since 1980.

Her daughter, Rebel, is an Australian actress, singer, comedian, writer, and producer. She has appeared in several movies such as Bridesmaids and A Few Greatest Males. She also starred in Struck by Lightning, Bachelorette, and How to Be Single.

In addition, she portrayed the character of Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. She has received numerous nominations for her acting talents.

In 2010, Sue lost her husband Jack Bounds. She and her late husband operated a dog handling business in Australia. They had three daughters named, Rebel, Liberty, and Annaleise. They also had a son named, Ryot.

She is a Professional Dog Handler

Sue Bownds is an Australian professional dog handler and celebrity mother of Rebel Wilson, a famous actress. She has been judging dog shows for 40 years and is a registered dog handler. She is currently an International All Breeds FCI judge.

She has English ancestry, and her great-grandparents were dog judges. Her parents gave her the name “Nangunyah,” which means “dog girl.” She is a fourth-generation dog lover and grew up to be a big animal person.

Despite being a successful celebrity mother, she still lives in Australia. This is where her daughter was born.

In 2018, she served as a judge at Split Shows. She used to own English Springer Spaniels and Doberman Pinschers, along with beagles.

In her personal life, Sue Bownds is currently dating a man that has yet to be identified. It is unclear when they started dating, but they are most likely married.

She Has a Son

Sue Bownds is the mother of Australian actress Rebel Wilson. She was married to Jack Bownds until he passed away in mid-2010.

Sue and her husband ran a dog-handling business and specialized in beagle breeding. They had three daughters and one son.

She is a professional dog handler and teacher, so she has worked in the field for quite some time. She has a lot of experience and has won many accolades.

Her daughter, Rebel, has a great relationship with her mother. They share a special bond and they are always there for each other.

Their relationship continues even after Rebel became an actress. She has recently praised her mom for being the best supporter she could have ever asked for.

In fact, she celebrated Sue’s retirement from her long career in the education sector by gifting her a luxe Tiffany bracelet at an event. The photo was shared to Rebel’s Instagram story.

She Has a Daughter

Sue Bownds is a widow and a mother of four children. Her husband, Jack Bownds, died in mid-2010. She and Jack had a long and happy marriage until his death.

Her family is very important to her and she always puts them first. She has a very close relationship with her daughter Rebel Wilson.

She is a famous Australian actress, singer, comedian, writer, and producer. Her net worth is estimated at $22 million.

Moreover, she is also a professional dog handler. She has been working in this field since 1980.

She is a fourth-generation dog particular person in her family. She is a registered dog handler and has been presiding over dog shows for many years. She has received various awards for her work.



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