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Pete Davidson’s Mom on “Saturday Night Live”

If you follow the celebrities, then you probably noticed that some of them are getting a little bit of attention, especially those who are on TV shows. Some of these stars include Ariana Grande, Scott Davidson, Casey Davidson, and Kim Kardashian. What do they have in common? How did they come to be friends?

Amy Waters Davidson

Amy Waters Davidson is the mother of Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. She is known for being an avid fan of her son’s career. Her support for him is not limited to his standup performances. Rather, she has also helped him in his career struggles. She has even appeared in a number of sketches on his show.

Despite being a single mom, Amy Waters has never dated. In fact, she has been single since her husband died in 2001, a year after the 9/11 terrorist attack. She and her son are currently living in Staten Island, New York.

Amy Waters Davidson was born in September 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up with her parents Rebecca and Peter Waters. She attended the College of Staten Island. After graduating from high school, she decided to pursue a career in nursing.

Scott Davidson

Pete Davidson’s mother, Amy Waters, has been a major supporter of her son’s career. She has appeared on “Saturday Night Live” a few times, including in a music video, and she’s also shown up in some skits.

It turns out that Amy has always been Pete Davidson’s biggest supporter in the New York comedy scene. She’s also been a great mum, helping him deal with his health problems.

During his teen years, Pete had suicidal thoughts. However, Amy Waters helped him overcome them. She took care of his bills, and she was his driving force to stand up comedy gigs.

Amy Waters was born in 1969. She went to college and studied history at the College of Staten Island. She then became a nurse. She married Scott Davidson in 1990. They had two kids.

Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were engaged in June 2018. However, after four months, the relationship ended. They broke up in October. It’s no secret that Davidson has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. His mother Amy Waters Davidson worried about his mental health and self-harm. She isn’t thrilled with the idea of her son marrying Ariana. But she has a change of heart.

The “Burn Book” is the adage that goes something like, “If you can do the smallest thing, you can do the biggest.” In the case of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, it was getting an engagement ring. Then, they got matching tattoos.

Ariana and Davidson’s matching tattoos are both on the back of their necks. There’s also a large sparkler on the left ring finger.

Casey Davidson

Casey Davidson is the younger sister of stand-up comedian and actor Pete Davidson. They are four years apart in age. They grew up in Staten Island, New York.

Their parents are Amy Waters Davidson and Scott Davidson. Their mother is a nurse, while their father was a firefighter. They graduated from the College of Staten Island.

While Casey Davidson is not as famous as Kim Kardashian and her A-list siblings, she has found some fame lately. She plays basketball, and she also has a close relationship with her mom. She also posted a few pictures of herself and Pete together on Instagram.

As a child, Davidson’s dad was a firefighter, and he was tragically killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He was one of many first responders who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have been busy lately. Kim recently filed for a legal separation from Kanye West. She is currently living in California while putting her children first. She is also involved with multiple businesses. She is executive producer of her family’s reality show and has multiple partnerships. Her sister Khloe has given Pete her seal of approval.

Kim and Pete have been dating for six months. The duo reportedly kept their romance low-key. They met while they both were appearing on Saturday Night Live. They began an official relationship in October, and have since been photographed together on several occasions. The two have been seen on the road together.

One of the most interesting facts about Kim and Pete is that their mom has a vested interest in the relationship. She is very close to the “SNL” star.



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