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Olivia Holzmacher – Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend

If you have followed Olivia Holzmacher on Instagram, you may have noticed that she has a new dog. She also works as a model and is seen on various television shows. But what does she do? What’s her job description, and what is her height? Read on to find out more about her and the new pup!

Olivia Holzmacher’s job description

The American model, actress, and data analyst, Olivia Holzmacher, is dating Cincinnati Bengals football player Joe Burrow. They first met while attending Ohio State University. Since then, they have been in a relationship that spans more than three and a half years.

As a child, Olivia Holzmacher lived in Ohio with her parents. She attended Mason High School, where she was an athlete and volleyball player. While at school, she enrolled in Data Analytics classes. In her senior year, she graduated with a degree in Data Analytics and Social Sciences.

After graduating from college, Olivia worked for the Kroger Company as a Senior Process Specialist. Her job focuses on building dashboards for Kroger’s e-commerce pickup and delivery services. Previously, she was a supervisor at Lifetime Fitness.

Joe Burrow’s love life

Olivia Holzmacher is the longtime girlfriend of football star Joe Burrow. They first met at Ohio State University and started dating after Burrow transferred to LSU. A year later, Burrow led the Tigers to a national championship.

The quarterback’s fans will be cheering on the Bengals when they take on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVIII. Joe Burrow will be making his Super Bowl debut as the QB for the Cincinnati Bengals. He will be playing in his team’s first Super Bowl since 1988.

While Burrow and Holzmacher have yet to post a picture of themselves together on social media, the couple is still keeping the relationship under wraps. Their dog, Beau, is an adorable addition to the family.

When Burrow was drafted in the NFL, Holzmacher was there for him. In fact, she’s been with him since the beginning.

Olivia Holzmacher’s Instagram story

Olivia Holzmacher is Joe Burrow’s girlfriend and she has made a splash with her Instagram account. A former Ohio State Buckeye, she is now a senior process specialist at Kroger. She has even been known to wear Burrow’s number nine jersey.

It’s no secret that she has a love for football. While at Ohio State, she was an active member of Alpha Phi sorority. She also served as chapter officer.

The fact that she has dated a professional football player has never stopped her from being a big fan. This past season, she attended several Bengals games, including a Wild Card game against the Raiders.

She has also been known to throw a few tidbits on the social media bandwagon. On her latest post, she shared an interesting photo. In it, she showed off her pregame routine.

Olivia Holzmacher’s height

Olivia Holzmacher was born in Mason, Ohio, USA. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her body measurements are 62 kg and height is 5 feet 9 inches.

Currently, she is working as a senior expert at Kroger organization in Cincinnati. Before joining the company, she worked as health volunteer at fitness organizations.

As of 2019, she has an estimated net worth of $200k. She is a former volleyball player and has completed a bachelor’s degree in data analytics from Ohio State University.

During college, she was a member of Alpha Phi sorority. Olivia also served in leadership capacity at Alpha Phi. Moreover, she is a member of Big Data and Analytics Association. Throughout her career, she has volunteered at a hospital in Cincinnati.

Olivia Holzmacher’s dog Beau

Olivia Holzmacher has been a fan of football for a long time. She attended Mason High School and attended Ohio State University. However, it wasn’t until after she graduated college that she met her future husband, Joe Burrow.

Olivia Holzmacher is an unofficial chief of Joe’s fan club. She posts pictures of herself and her friends supporting the Bengals on social media. During the Bengals playoff run, she’s been more active.

One of her more creative Instagram posts was a black and white photo of her holding her dog Beau. The dog’s name is Beau and he’s now four years old.

In the post, she noted that he and she had been together for 355 days. It was also a clever way to celebrate their first anniversary.



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