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Mikaben Wikipedia – Haitian Singer and Songwriter

Mikaben Wikipedia provides you with all the important information about this popular Haitian Singer and songwriter. You can find out more about his Net Worth, Age, Height and more.

Mikaben was born on 27 June 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He died on October 15 in Paris, France from cardiac arrest.

His Net Worth

Mikaben Wikipedia is a Haitian musician, singer, and songwriter who has earned millions of dollars in his career. He has made money through his albums, concert tickets, and endorsement deals.

He has also released many hit songs, including “Baby I Missed You,” which received more than three million views on YouTube. He has a recording contract with the principal label WARNER Music France.

The singer also has a number of endorsements with Haitian companies. He has a large fan base in the country and is very popular there.

He is a proud father of two children, and he and his wife Vanessa love spending time with them. They enjoy investing a lot of energy in their kids’ upbringing. They often post pictures of their children on social media and appear to be very happy with their family life.

His Age

Mikaben Wikipedia is a well-known Haitian musician who was born on 27 June 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is a famous singer and songwriter.

He was born to a family of musical artists. His father is Lionel Benjamin and his mother is Roselin Benjamin.

According to his bio, he completed his primary schooling and later moved to Canada for high school. He adored singing and started learning music at a very young age.

He also composed, produced and performed a few hits songs with Carimi, including “Child I missed you,” which has amassed north of 3 million views on YouTube. His music spread widely throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

His Height

Mikaben Wikipedia is a Musical artist, who was born on 27 June 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Ouest, Haiti. He stands 182cm tall and weighs around 71 kg.

He was a popular singer and song writer who was known for his music and lyrics. He was also a polyglot, capable of singing in Creole and French.

In 2000, he released his first solo album named “Vwayaj,” which is a hit in Haiti. He also collaborated with several musicians such as T-Vice, Leila Chicot, Krezi Mizik and his father Lionel Benjamin.

In 2005, he joined Krezi Mizik, a new Konpa group. He composed and produced many of the pieces for their albums, including “Baby I missed you,” which has accumulated over 3 million views on YouTube. He has also collaborated with J. Perry and Wesli Band.

His Weight

Mikaben Wikipedia is a tall fellow standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing in at a hefty 71 kg. He also has lovely warm black eyes and dark locks. The tall dude is also a responsible husband and proud dad of two kids.

Known for his innovative music, Mikaben Wikipedia was a powerhouse in the business. He earned his keep through singing, producing, advertising, promotions, and brand endorsements. His net worth is estimated to be over USD 2.5 million as of November 2022.

It’s a sad day for the world of Haitian pop culture. Fans and fellow musicians alike are mourning the loss of this musical genius, with the official cause of death still pending. The affable Michael Benjamin, better known as Mikaben, died after a concert at the Accor arena in Paris on Saturday night (October 15). He sadly passed away on the way to the hospital in an ambulance.

His Family

Mikaben Wikipedia was born on 27 June 1981 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is the son of singer Lionel Benjamin.

He was an incredibly talented musician who sang in four languages. He also played a variety of instruments, including the keyboard, bass, and drums.

Throughout his career, he performed in various styles of music, from Haitian konpa and Antillean Zouk to Jamaican reggae and R&B.

After the 2010 earthquake, he formed an organization called Ti Souf Ayiti with the support of the country’s Culture Ministry and visited hospitals and orphanages to perform his songs.

He and his wife Vanessa Benjamin are happy parents of two children. They spend a lot of time together, and they seem to enjoy it.



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