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Melissa Lucio’s Daughter Autopsy Photos Revealed

bruising on Mariah’s body could have been caused by the fall

If you have been following the case of Melissa Elizabeth Lucio, you may have heard that her lawyers are claiming that Mariah Lucio’s death was a tragic accident. She was found unconscious two days after falling down the stairs in her home, and the family called 911 to get her revived. However, according to the experts, her injuries were not accidental. The medical examiner who examined her body said that she suffered severe bruising from abuse.

The doctor who tried to revive Mariah claimed it was the worst child abuse case he had ever seen. She was crying and lethargic when he arrived at the scene, and her condition deteriorated as he attempted to revive her. After several failed attempts, he pronounced her dead. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

When Mariah died, her body was covered in bruises that appeared in different stages of healing. But experts have now said that her bruising could have been caused by a fall, a fact that has been contested by the prosecution and Lucio’s attorneys. They claim that the Texas Rangers and investigators coerced her to admit to a false confession.

The medical examiner’s testimony was also inconsistent with the forensic evidence. Lucio’s attorneys argued that the eyewitness accounts of Mariah’s bruising were inaccurate. She had a bite mark on her back, and a fracture in her arm. But a pediatric orthopedic surgeon reviewed the evidence and concluded that the autopsy report was flawed.

While the medical examiner’s testimony said that all of Mariah’s injuries were from abuse, the forensic evidence contradicts her claim. The pathologist who conducted the autopsy ignored evidence that seemed to suggest an accident. This was a violation of the Texas law.

A review of the medical examiner’s testimony revealed that he made inaccurate scientific statements and offered false testimony. His statements indicated that Mariah had been beaten in the past, but he also said that the abuse was caused by her “adult teeth” and that the injury was inflicted within 24 hours of her death.

An appeals lawyer for Lucio filed a clemency petition with the federal government, citing medical experts who say that Mariah’s bruising was caused by a fall. The petition says that the “disseminated intravascular coagulation” (DIC) disease that caused the bruising was caused by the fall. The disorder affects the arteries of the arteries in the brain, resulting in severe bruising throughout the body.

The appeals attorney argues that the jury never saw critical testimony and therefore convicted Lucio based on unscientific, false evidence. The appellate lawyers said that other medical evidence should have been presented at the trial. But state district judge Arturo Nelson refused to allow a psychologist to testify. He also dismissed the request for a social worker.

During the trial, Lucio said that she did not abuse her daughter. She said she only slapped her across the head in frustration, but she never slapped her in the back or on her vulva. And she told investigators she was innocent more than 100 times.



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