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Meaning of NFS on TikTook

Meaning of NFS on TikTook

NFS, or not for sale, is a widely used term in many different platforms including banking, gaming, meals, and computing. If you do a simple search for the term, you will find heaps of meanings. Whether you are looking for a meaning of NFS on TikTook or you just want to learn about it, there are plenty of options.

Not funny sh*t

The term NFS has different meanings on different platforms. For instance, in TikTookay, NFS means Not Funny Sh*t. People use this hashtag to indicate that they are not in the mood to watch or listen to a video. These videos have gone viral and have gained tens of thousands of views.



While “NFS” is most commonly used in Instagram DMs, it is also used as an acronym for “No Funny Sh*t”. When a person posts an image to Instagram, they can use the hashtag #NFS to indicate that they are not interested in the photo. People may also use NFS to indicate that they don’t want to engage in conversations or jokes.

The acronym NFS originally stood for “Not for Sale,” a term that businesses could use to indicate that a product was not for sale. Over time, the phrase accumulated many variations, and it is now widely used on the internet as an abbreviation for “No funny sh*t.”



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