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Manuela Testolini

Manuela Testolini is a prominent Italian actress, singer, philanthropist, and lawyer. She is married to the famous Italian opera singer Eric Benet and is a mother of two children. Her philanthropic work has included the establishment of the Children’s Hospital in Rome, the establishment of the Manuela Testolini Foundation, and the support of the Roma Community Centre. She also serves as a Board Member of the Friends of the Children’s Hospital.

Career as a lawyer

The former wife of the late singer Prince Rogers Nelson, Manuela Testolini has a career as a lawyer. She is the president of the In A Perfect World Foundation, a charity that aims to empower youth worldwide.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Manuela has dual citizenship. Her mother is Egyptian, and her father is Italian. When she was a child, she regularly traveled to Egypt. This experience inspired her to become involved with charity work.

After graduating with good grades, Testolini started a law career. However, she soon found that she was dissatisfied with the judicial system. As a result, she decided to take some time off.

At that point, she began volunteering at a women’s shelter in Toronto. Through her work, she met a musician named Prince. It didn’t take long for the pair to become an item. They married two years after their initial meeting.

During their marriage, Testolini and her husband often threw large parties after major awards shows. Eventually, they celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

Marriage to singer Eric Benet

One of the most famous women in Hollywood, Eric Benet, recently married longtime girlfriend and business partner Manuela Testolini. Their wedding was a big occasion. Not only was it attended by celebrities, but also by a host of 150 family members. During the reception, they announced that they were expecting a baby.

Eric Benet and Testolini have been together for four years. They met in Los Angeles while attending a fashion show. At the time, Testolini had been in a relationship with Prince. But after their separation, they began dating again. And it didn’t take them too long before they became engaged.

The couple has two kids. Their daughter India is an 18-year-old musician. In addition to her role as a singer, Benet is also a songwriter. She and Testolini have worked on a few projects together.

Testolini is a philanthropist. She is involved in several nonprofit organizations. She also volunteered at a homeless shelter.

Philanthropic endeavors

Manuela Testolini is a philanthropist, businesswoman, and former music icon. She has worked with many charitable organizations and nonprofits. Her charity work has resulted in her receiving numerous awards and accolades.

She founded the In A Perfect World Foundation. This foundation helps to build schools around the world for children in need. The organization has worked with schools in Senegal, Mali, and Malawi.

Another of her efforts involves creating a scented candle called Altru. These products are inspired by trinkets and textiles that she has collected from her travels.

Another of her charitable endeavors is the creation of a company named Gamillah. Its purpose is to help finance the various philanthropic endeavors of the Testolini family.

One of the projects that she and her husband are working on is a school in Haiti. Their daughter, Luna, was an eighth grader in July of 2022. They have recently celebrated their nine-year wedding anniversary.


Manuela Testolini is a philanthropist, charity worker and founder of several nonprofit organizations. She has a strong background in philanthropy and has helped build many effective solutions to the issues facing the world. As a philanthropist, Testolini works to empower the next generation and promotes a green lifestyle.

Testolini is an Egyptian-Italian descendant who was born in Toronto, Canada. She has a degree in Law and Sociology from York University. During her childhood, she spent summers in Egypt. She started her career as a lawyer and later became involved in charity work.

Testolini met Prince when she was working with a charity. The two married in 2001. They have two children. In the early years of their marriage, they lived in Toronto. When Prince’s first wife Mayte Garcia got divorced, Testolini and Prince moved to Los Angeles.

Testolini had worked with Prince on a charity called Love 4 One Another. She has also been involved with United Communities Against Poverty. It was at this time that she realized she wanted to help others in a broader way.



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