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Luis Rafael Toledo

Luis ral is a well known actor in Mexico. He has worked in many films and was even seen on the television. His best-known role has to be the character of Diego Guerrero, which he portrayed in the Mexican series Los Serranos del Norte. However, there are still several other movies that he has starred in.

Enedina de Toledo

Enedina de Toledo, alias Samuel Bracamontes Flores, es un narcotraficante y administrador de la cartel de Tijuana. A daughter of Benjamin Arellano, she was born on April 12, 1961 in Mazatlan, Mexico. She graduated from a private university in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

After the death of most of her brothers, Enedina became the new head of the Tijuana Cartel. She is credited with bringing professionalization to the Cartel, replacing old management practices.

In 2003, she became the first female cartel leader. As head of the Sandra Avila Beltran organization, she has maintained contacts with Colombian drug suppliers. Of course, she also maintains a connection to ICE agents who have properties in Tijuana.

Enedina has a long history as a narcotraficante. She started working with her family’s business in the mid-1980s. Although she was never considered a visible figure in the Tijuana cartel, she was a significant player in the financial management of the Cartel.

In 2000, she took over as the head of the cartel’s financial department after the fall of its financial mastermind. During the ensuing years, she and her husband, Luis Raul Toledo Carrejo, acquired several sucursales and satellite companies in northern Mexico. Afterwards, they moved to Tijuana.

Fernando Sanchez Arellano

Luis Fernando Sanchez Arellano, also known as El Ingeniero, is a former leader of the Tijuana Cartel. He is currently in a judicial proceeding in Mexico. The DEA director William Sherman said that 15 years in prison were the end of the Cartel of Tijuana.

The Arellano Felix family is located in Tijuana, Baja California. The clan includes several siblings, ex-esposas and a mother. It is considered to be one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico.

There is evidence that the Arellano Felix family dominated the market in Tijuana during the 1980s and early 1990s. As part of a large clan from Sinaloa, they became notorious for the brutal gangland slayings they committed. Some of their family members, including Benjamin, Francisco Rafael and Ramon, have been killed.

The Tijuana cartel has been weakened by the rise of other criminal groups. However, the family still controls valuable trafficking turf along the Mexican border.


The disco of the night is one of many notables in the tastier times urban metropolis of Mazatlan, Mexico. Its occupants and patrons include the aforementioned sultan, his equally corpulent sibling and a legion of the likes from the sexiest to the sexiest. Of course, a big part of the appeal is the proximity to one of the world’s most desirable climates. A major factor akin to that is the plethora of high end dining establishments, clubs and hotels. Some of them have been around for decades while others are new entrants in the sandbox. For that matter, most are owned by the aforementioned sultan, and his henchmen. And, while the city is a good place to spend a few nightcaps, it’s not without its flaws.

Penalties in Mexico

In Mexico, Arellano Felix is accused of running one of the oldest drug cartels in the country. According to the indictment, Arellano and his associates moved tons of cocaine to the United States. They also are accused of assassinating people. Several other men are also being held as material witnesses.

The federal police arrested Arellano in Tijuana after he disparaged them. He is now facing a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. But, if he is convicted, the government could seek to have him served life in prison.

Eduardo Arellano was an aide to his father and other members of the Arellano-Felix family, who were part of the narcotrafficking industry. He was also a medical doctor. However, he was never involved in the assassination of two children.

Arellano’s house was seized by federal authorities. His daughter’s body is still in the home. There are six other men being held as material witnesses.

When he was arrested, Arellano told soldiers that he had 100 million dollars. He also offered them money. Those who helped him were convicted of a felony, which carries a two to seven-year prison sentence.



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