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Lisa Baur – American Actress

Lisa Baur – American Actress

American entertainer Lisa Baur is known for playing Shelly in National Lampoon’s Animal House. She was only in the business for a short time and couldn’t appear in many other movies or TV shows. She was born in Atlantic, Lowa, United States. She had to keep her birthdate and family history private, so we don’t know much about her family.


Lisa Baur is a very attractive American actress, who was best known for her role in National Lampoon’s Animal House. She went on to play the role of Shelly in this 1978 comedy. She received her education at Colorado State University and Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Despite her success, Baur only worked in the entertainment industry for a short period of time.

Although she did not have a lot of opportunities in Hollywood, she gained fame in 1978 with her role in the National Lampoon’s Animal House. The film became one of the most financially successful comedies in American history. The film is about a Delta Tau Chi fraternity and is a satirical look at fraternity life.


The latest installment of Lisa Baur’s charades series continues to draw in viewers. This time around, the team is called upon to solve a murder mystery. The investigation is complicated by UFOs and mysterious disappearances. Despite their sexy gangster personas, the Angels aren’t without their flaws. While working together, they often find themselves in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation.

Lisa Baur grew up in Atlantic, Iowa. She has appeared in many television shows, including ANIMAL HOUSE, where she starred opposite Tim Matheson, a naive college lass. However, she didn’t receive much attention until her role in Charlie’s Angels.

The Firing Line

Lisa Baur has had a very successful career as an actress. She starred in The Firing Line, a 1991 movie starring Reb Brown as Mark Hardin and Shannon Tweed as Sandra Spencer. It was directed by Jun Gallardo and executive produced by Kimmy Lim. The film also starred Kevin Bacon, Verna Bloom and Tim Matheson.

Lisa Baur has also been seen in several films, including National Lampoon’s Animal House. This film is the highest grossing comedy in American history, and starred Baur in the role of a Delta Tau Chi fraternity member.

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Lisa Baur, an American entertainer, is best known for playing the part of Shelly in the popular National Lampoon’s Animal House. Although she only worked for a short period of time in the entertainment industry, she managed to achieve considerable fame for her role. While pursuing her acting career, she managed to hide her date of birth and family background, so that her family and friends were unaware of her identity.

Lisa Baur’s career in the entertainment industry started in 1991 with her role as Shelly in the hit television series Animal House. She also appeared in the film “Firing Line” with Reb Brown and Shannon Tweed. The film was directed by Jun Gallardo and produced by Kimmy Lim. In addition to this film, she also appeared in National Lampoon’s Animal House, which starred Kevin Bacon, Verna Bloom, and Tim Matheson.

Net worth

Lisa Baur is an American actress who made her mark on the movie industry when she played Shelly in the 1978 film, “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” The actress holds American nationality and is known for her role as an inexperienced teenager. She has a net worth of $1.6 million. Lisa has kept her private life very low-key and has not shared her family details with the general public.

The actress is not married and prefers to keep her personal life private. Her parents are not known to her, and she has no known children. She is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

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