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Kristen Harabedian

Kristen Harabedian is a wife of Trea Turner who plays as a shortstop for the Washington Nationals. They were engaged in June 2017 and got married on November 10, 2018.

She is a former gymnast and has won numerous awards during her career. She was the first athlete at Hunterdon Central to be named First Team All-State in all four years of her schooling.

She is married to Trea Turner

Trea Turner married Kristen Harabedian in November of 2018. The couple met while both were students at North Carolina State University. They have been together for six years before they decided to get married.

The wedding took place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Washington D.C. They opted for a traditional Catholic ceremony as they both grew up in the church and wanted to make sure they got married in the right way.


Currently, she works as a general counsel business analyst for Credit Suisse. She loves the outdoors and spends time on the beach, yoga studio, or gym.

She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She has a love for sports and enjoys watching her husband play baseball.

She is a former gymnast and she has won many competitions in her career. She competed in high school and went to North Carolina State University on an athletic scholarship. She is a very talented gymnast and was featured on Faces in the Crowd in Sports Illustrated.

She is a mother

Kristen Harabedian is a beautiful and intelligent woman who is the wife of American professional baseball shortstop, Trea Turner. She is a former gymnast, and she is also a businesswoman.

She is a sophisticated girl and she loves the ocean and beaches. She adores yoga and the gym, and she also enjoys major league baseball games.

Born on May 1, 1992, in Flemington, New Jersey, she is the daughter of John and Donna Homulak Harabedian. She has one brother named Zak.

A graduate from Hunterdon Central in 2014, she is currently employed at Credit Suisse. She is the first athlete to be awarded First Team All-State in her four years at the school.

Her main source of income is her illustrious career in gymnastics. She has won a few state tumbling championships and is a renowned tumbler in her community.

She has been married to Trea Turner since 2018. They got married in a lavish ceremony on November 10, 2018 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Their first child, Beckham Dash Turner, was born in February 2021.

She is a gymnast

Harabedian started her career as a gymnast in Flemington, New Jersey. She is the daughter of John and Donna Homulak Harabedian.

She received her bachelor’s degree in management from North Carolina State University in 2014. Kristen is a former student/athlete for the Wolfpack and currently works as general Counsel business analyst for Credit Suisse.

As a gymnast, she won the New Jersey High School All-Around Championship in 2010. She was also featured on Faces in the Crowd in Sports Illustrated.

She competed for Hunterdon Central Regional High School, where she was the first four-year athlete to earn First Team All-State honors and at the NJ State Gymnastics Finals won three events and the All Around Championship as a senior. She went on to compete at NC State where she earned all-conference honors, a full athletic scholarship and was the first woman in school history to win an NCAA national title.

She is a model

Kristen Harabedian is a model who has an amazing body and beautiful looks. Her light hair complements her lovely complexion and eye-catching eyes. She also has an athletic healthy-looking figure. She works out a lot to maintain her young looks and sexy personality.

She is a confident, straightforward, and charming young lady who has the character of a popular high school girl. She owns her personality in every way and does not hesitate to express her opinions. She is a good role model for women to follow her path and stay true to themselves.

Her family comes first in her life and she never fails to impress people. She likes to wear casual outfits that are minimal and simple. She does not go overboard with her extravagant outfits, and she prefers to keep her makeup simple as well.

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