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Jovi Nicole Engbino

Jovi Nicole Engbino is a singer, songwriter, actress, television personality and model. In her career, she has worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. She also has her own show on TLC called Jovi’s World. It is her second season and she continues to be a big celebrity. Her family consists of her husband Manti Te’o, their son and daughter. The couple lives in Los Angeles.

Manti Te’o’s wife

In August of 2020, former NFL star Manti Te’o married his longtime girlfriend, fitness instructor Jovi Nicole Engbino. Their wedding was held in La Jolla, California on the beach. They have a daughter together and have another on the way.

Manti Te’o was an American football player with the Los Angeles Chargers and New Orleans Saints. He’s currently a free agent. Before joining the Saints in 2014, he played for the San Diego Chargers for seven seasons. Also, he played for the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco Bay Area Bears. During his career, he was voted second in the Heisman Trophy voting.\

Before his NFL career, he attended the University of Notre Dame. The college was one of the top schools in the country. In his senior year, he finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting.

Fitness influencer

Jovi Nicole Engbino is a fitness and beauty influencer who is known for her numerous social media posts. She is a model, fitness trainer, and beauty consultant who belongs to Filipino and Japanese ancestry. Her father is Japanese, her mother is Filipino.

The fitness enthusiast has worked for numerous companies and gained fame through her various social media accounts. She has been known for posting a lot of workout videos on her Instagram account.

The fitness and beauty influencer started out as a health and skin care expert. She previously worked at a medical spa in La Jolla, California. Since then, she has expanded her career and became a fitness instructor. Moreover, she has studied nursing to become a nurse injector.

Future nurse injector

Jovi Nicole Engbino is an American health and fitness aficionado who is now pregnant with her second child. She has been posting fitness workout videos on her Instagram account.

This fitness guru was born and raised in Hawaii. Her first career was as a beauty consultant. However, her love for health and fitness eventually led her to a career as a trainer and instructor. Currently, she works as a fitness instructor in La Jolla, California.

As a trainer, she has a knack for educating her clients about health and fitness. She has also been a fitness influencer on social media, and has amassed a sizable following. In addition to working as a trainer, she is also studying to become a nurse.


Jovie Nicole Engbino is a woman of many talents. She is an accomplished model, fitness enthusiast, and beauty consultant. While she is not an actress, her star power has enabled her to land endorsement deals with brands and organizations. In fact, her net worth is estimated to be well over $500,000.

She enrolled at Arizona State University and studied management. After graduation, she went on to work at a renowned medical spa in La Jolla, California. Now, she is pursuing a nursing certification. Aside from a full time career and motherhood, Jovi also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

On January 14, 2019, Jovi celebrated her 35th birthday. A few months later, she welcomed her first child, a daughter named Hiromi Nawai Anelalani Te’o.


Jovi Nicole is the wife of American football player Manti Te’o. The two have been married for two years, and they are expecting their first child together.

As a model and fitness influencer, Jovi has become a social media sensation. She has more than 40k followers on Instagram. Her account regularly posts pictures of her favorite looks and fitness videos.

As a fitness fanatic, Jovi loves to exercise. She has worked as a personal trainer and beauty consultant. She has also studied nursing.

Jovi Nicole has worked with brands such as Skin and Skinner and Point Loma Sports Club. She has been a part of bodybuilding competitions. When she was pregnant with her first child, she took to social media to document her fitness journey.



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