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Jenni Rivera and Her First Husband

Jenni Rivera and Her First Husband

Jenni Rivera has been accused of sexually abusing her younger daughter when she was as young as eight. She was allegedly kissed on the neck and touched inappropriately. She has also been accused of molestation of a co-worker. Her first husband was known as Trino Marin, and he was born in 1964.


Mayeli Alonso was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and is an internet personality and reality show star. She is the former wife of Lupillo Rivera, a famous American singer and songwriter. Her parents and siblings are unknown. She got interested in modelling at a young age. Many of her peers were hoping to become famous actresses.

The couple got engaged right before the 2006 Latin Grammys, and were married on April 29, 2006. However, the relationship broke down soon afterward due to rumors that the couple was cheating. This was attributed to Lupillo’s extramarital affair with a woman named Belinda, who had also appeared on the Mexican version of ‘The Voice’.

Despite the allegations, Lupillo has not replied to any of the allegations. He has also refused to answer the questions about his relationship with Jenni. It is unclear if this is a case of domestic violence, or whether the former couple had a love affair.

Conviction of drug-dealing charges

Conviction of drug-dealing charges against Jennifer Rivera’s first husband was a major event in her life. In 2006, she was convicted of drug-dealing charges alongside her first husband, Jose Lopez. The two were married for 15 years and had two daughters. However, they later divorced. Jenni was given custody of her children and filed for an annulment. In the same year, her first husband was convicted of drug-dealing charges and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Jenni Rivera’s first husband is currently in jail on nine felony charges, including drug dealing. Jenni Rivera has been open about her feelings about the case and has not been shy about commenting. In fact, cameras swooped in last week and asked her about the case.

Before her death, Jenni Rivera married another man, Major League Baseball player Esteban Loaiza. However, their divorce was never final. She had a daughter with Lpez, Chiqui. Jenni Rivera was famous for having a difficult love life. Her first husband was Juan Marin, and they had two more children.

Sexual abuse of three daughters by ex-husband

Jenni Rivera’s first husband, Jose Marin, is accused of sexually abusing her three daughters, Rosie, Chiquis, and Jacqie. Rosie eventually confessed to the wrongdoings, and Jenni lodged a complaint against her former husband. In April 2006, Jose was arrested and charged with child molestation.

Despite the evidence of his sexual abuse, the victims chose to remain silent for years. They said that Marin threatened to harm them and other members of the family if they didn’t come forward with their stories. In 1997, Rivera’s daughter was 12 years old when her father abused her. The daughter was reluctant to report the abuse, but she was later persuaded to do so by her stepfather, who threatened to send her to Mexico. The case is now in court and the judge has banned the two sides from speaking with each other until the case has been decided.

The first marriage ended in 1992, after which Jenni found out that Trino had sexually abused her daughter and sister. The incident led Jenni to reveal that she too had suffered domestic abuse during her first marriage. In 2006, her first husband was finally caught and sentenced to 31 years in prison. Joan Comparet-Cassani said that child molestation is among the worst crimes a person can commit.

Death of Jose Trinidad Marin

Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin were married in 1990 and lived a relatively quiet life until their divorce. Both were highly private and kept their relationship very private. Although they had known each other since high school, the couple kept their love affair private. Jose Marin was born in California and was of Mexican and mixed ethnicity. They lived in California and both completed their high school education.

Jose Trinidad Marin was the first legal husband of Jenni Rivera. The late singer and actress was married to him for 8 years. He was also popularly known as Trino Marin. Jose had a criminal past, including being charged with sexually abusing Jenni’s daughters and sister-in-law. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison for the crimes. During their marriage, the couple had three children together. The couple divorced in 1992 and Jenni filed for a divorce.

Jenni’s sister, Rosie Rivera, told the court that Jose had molested her sister and children. The accusations against her husband were corroborated by medical reports. Despite the charges, Jose Marin evaded authorities for nine years after the scandal broke, and finally surrendered in April 2006. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison.



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