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Islah Gates – Kevin Gates Mom

A lot of people know the name of Kevin Gates. He is a well known musician who has released several albums. However, few may know that his mom is a singer as well. She is called Dreka.


If you are a fan of American rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates, you would probably have heard of their daughter Islah. She is an aspiring actress and Instagram star. Here are some facts about her.

She was born in 2012, and has an average height and weight. Her hair is curly black, and she has a Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Her father is a well-known pop artist. He launched his professional career with a mixtape released in 2013. His debut studio album was named after his daughter. It peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart.

As a family, they love traveling and doing adventurous things. They also enjoy playing at Disney Land. Their daughter loves doing water balloon fights at the back of the house.

Besides her parents, Islah has a brother. Khaza Kamil Gates was born on May 10, 2014. But the details about this child have not been revealed. The Gates family enjoys spending time together.


The singer and rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates are the parents of two kids. Their son is Khaza Kamil Gates. And their daughter is Islah Koren Gates. They both were born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

According to Dreka, the baby’s name means something special in Arabic. “Khaza” is the word for a gift from god. She also mentioned that he was born via a water birth.

It’s no secret that the couple are big fans of all things natural. This includes their home, where they don’t use any chemicals. Rather, they go organic and consume all-natural products. In fact, their first child, Islah, is a year older than their youngest son, Khaza.

For the past two decades, the couple has been together. But, a split has been reported since early June. There were even allegations that the couple has been cheating on each other.

Although Dreka said the birth was a blessing, it wasn’t always a smooth ride. Her parents had a strained relationship. Eventually, they reconciled. But, she reportedly has a less active role in her children’s lives.


A well-recognized rapper, Kevin Gates has been a major player in the entertainment industry for years. He has also appeared in a few movies.

However, he has not received any awards. In fact, he has been in a lot of legal trouble. This includes being convicted for assaulting a fan.

Before he got his big break, he lived in poverty. Dreka helped him to turn his life around. She pushed him to do better and convinced DJs to play his music. They even married and had two kids together.

Dreka was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and went to high school there. While she was in college, she met Kevin. The two began dating. Their relationship lasted for over ten years. It was during that time that they had their first child, Islah Koren Gates.

Although Dreka and Kevin had their first child before their wedding, they were not married until October 2015. Even then, they had their second child together, Khaza Kamil Gates.


The rapper Kevin Gates is famous for gangster rap music. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His parents are Moroccan and Puerto Rican.

When he was a teenager, his father passed away. During this time, he was surrounded by numerous cousins. Luckily, his mother was able to provide a good life for him. She hoped that he will become a successful musician.

In 2002, he started dating Dreka. They became high school sweethearts. Both of them went on to marry. After their marriage, they welcomed a baby. Islah Koren Gates was their first child.

Islah has two siblings. Her brother is David Haynes. Aside from acting, Dreka Gates also works as a model. She is a businesswoman and a social media influencer. Some of her products include energy drink, skin care products, and clothing line.

Dreka has become an important figure in the rapper’s life. She was the person who helped him become a professional musician. She also took his demos to night clubs and convinced DJs to play his songs. This helped him gain millions of fans.



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