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How to Maxroll the Bard in Lost Ark: Survival Evolved

As one of the support classes in Lost Ark maxroll, the Bard is the most popular. Raids will require more Bards to deal with more complicated subject matter. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial for teamwork, so it’s important to have a Bard in every raid. This class’s builds are relatively simple, but there are some things you need to know about this type of character before choosing a build.


The concept of Rapport is one of the most important things in Ark: Survival Evolved. This new character-based RPG requires players to develop strong relationships with NPCs. In order to level up and complete the main quest, you will need to build up your Rapport with NPCs, and this can be done in many ways. Forming good relationships with NPCs can lead to various rewards and special conversations.


If you want to play the most damage in Lost Ark, consider maxrolling your Artillerist. This class has very good damage windows, and you’ll be able to apply many buffs to your enemies. For example, you’ll be able to place stun damage on enemies, and you’ll also be able to apply armor reduction debuffs. The damage that the Artillerist deals makes him a great choice for every DPS class, especially if you’re playing a supportive class.


One of the most challenging classes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the Bard. As a support class, the Bard’s skills are designed to aid teammates and are slower to develop than the damage-dealing classes. While the Bard’s single target attacking is weak, she can make up for this by dealing decent AoE damage. Bards will struggle against bosses, so they must focus on unlocking their strongest skills.

Impregnability shields

When it comes to the Lost Ark, Impregnability shields are a valuable component in protecting yourself from enemy attacks. Impregnability shields can protect your character against a number of attacks that will render them immobile and vulnerable. In addition to blocking damage, they can strengthen allies. While Bards and Paladins are more concerned with damage reduction and shield lifespan, they can both benefit from Impregnability.

Una’s Tasks

If you’re not a fan of daily quests, you can skip them altogether and do your daily task instead. Daily tasks can be completed anywhere, including in the main world and other regions. They reward you with gold and Pirate Coins, which you can spend on items, such as Unique Items. Daily tasks are reset every day, and they can appear in the same area or at a different location.

Una’s Power Pass

The power of a high-level character can be boosted by unlocking Una’s Power Pass. This pass offers players the ability to earn extra Una’s Tokens in exchange for certain items. The daily tasks are mostly focused on helping you increase your reputation with specific NPCs. Once completed, these tasks will reward you with materials, useful currency, and points that count towards Una’s Tokens. However, if you fail to complete the daily cap, the rewards double. These doubly-boosted items include ability stones, upgrade materials, and vendor tokens. The Una’s Power Pass also allows you to purchase the Instant Complete Ticket, which will instantly complete your daily cap. You can also get 10 of these tickets from the Platinum Founder’s Pack.


In Lost Ark, you can earn a lot of items by clearing the Tower. The rewards from this activity depend on the number of times you have cleared the tower. Your first clear will award you with stat-boosting potions, Engraving books, and skill-point potions. Further, every time you clear the Tower, you’ll receive upgrade materials. The stat-boosting potions bind to your main character, and the skill-point potions are used across your entire party.

Obtaining a Harmony key

Obtaining a Harmony key for Lost Ark is the first step in unlocking the Gate of Balance in the game. You can acquire this item by completing cooperative sailing missions in Vern, Arthetine, or Anikka. However, you must know that you can sometimes translate the term as “Key of Balance” and still be able to access the event. This guide will teach you how to obtain this item.



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