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How to Enrol With AAA Network Access


To enrol with aaanetaccess you need to visit the website and provide the necessary details for your account. Once you have enrolled you will be given an online ID and Site Key which is a method of protection that only you can use to access the system. Once you have these two elements it will be possible to log into the aaanetaccess site and start using its many features. For example, you can check transaction alerts and receive them via your associated mobile number or email address.


Authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) is a framework used to intelligently control access to network and software application resources. Authentication involves comparing the user’s credentials with those stored in the AAA security database, and only granting access to networks or software when all the authentication requirements have been met. The same is true for authorisation, enabling access to specific resources at certain times, and logging all activities performed in association with the user’s credential. This information is then logged for audit purposes, as well as to facilitate billing and resource utilisation analysis.



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