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How Much is Candi Gauff Worth?


Coco Gauff has made an impressive career in tennis. She has won five doubles titles, and is currently ranked the highest in the world in the category. At only 16, she has already shown impressive performances in major competitions.

Coco Gauff was born in Florida in 2004, and has two brothers, Codey and Cameron. Her parents are both former professional athletes. Her father was a basketball player at Georgia State University and her mother a track and field athlete at Florida State. They both decided to leave their jobs to support their daughter’s tennis dreams.

Coco Gauff began her tennis career as a junior, and has reached the fourth round of the US Open twice. She is the youngest woman in history to qualify for the main draw of the tournament. After winning a singles event in the US Open, she qualified for the main draw of the Wimbledon Championships.

Coco Gauff has won two singles titles, and is currently ranked the top 10 in the doubles category. Gauff also qualified for the WTA Finals in both singles and doubles. Earlier in the season, she entered the top 40 in both singles and doubles.

When she was 15, Cori “Coco” Gauff qualified for the Wimbledon Championships with a wild card. She defeated Venus Williams in the first round. In the second round, she was eliminated by Iga Swiatek. Then she lost to eventual champion Barbora Krejcikova.

After reaching the third round of the US Open in 2016, Gauff qualified for the French Open in 2021. She was also selected to play for the U.S. Olympic team in 2021. On July 12, she and partner Catherine McNally entered the top 40 in the doubles rankings at No. 38.

Coco Gauff has a great future ahead of her. She will continue to make a splash in major competitions. If she can make it to the finals of the Olympics, she will be the youngest player to do so since 2006.

Candi Gauff, who is Gauff’s mother, has been very supportive of her daughter’s tennis dreams. It’s no wonder her daughter has become a celebrity.


The parents of Coco Gauff are former athletes who have turned their love of sports into a career. They have a 10-year plan for their daughter.

Cori Gauff is a 15-year-old tennis sensation. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Her father, Corey, is a former basketball player and health care executive. He left his job to become her primary coach.

Corey and Candi Gauff raised their daughter to play sports. Both have NCAA Division I backgrounds, and they are a constant source of inspiration.

Cori Gauff started playing tennis at the age of seven. She won her first junior girls’ title at the French Open at 14. Corey has continued to be her primary coach, and has worked alongside Jean-Christophe Faure.

Coco Gauff has earned a WTA singles ranking of 15 and has won four WTA doubles titles. Her parents believe that her success on the court is as much about her attitude as her technique. In her matches, she prays for herself and her opponent before the start of the match.

Coco Gauff was born on March 13, 2004. Her father played basketball at Georgia State University, and her mother was a track and field athlete at Florida State University. When she was seven, the family moved to Delray Beach, Florida.

She became the youngest person to qualify for Wimbledon in 2019. During her first round match, she defeated Venus Williams. Afterwards, she defeated Polona Hercog in the third round. She reached her career high doubles ranking of 10 in February 2022.

Her parents are proud of the young talent. They have taken the time to teach their daughter the importance of being positive. Often, the pressures of society prevent many aspiring sports stars from reaching their potential. However, Coco’s parents have learned to work through the struggles of their marriage, and they have developed a deep appreciation for the things that have made Coco so special.

Despite her success, Candi and Corey Gauff say that their daughter is still a work in progress. Their hope is that she will continue to improve, and that she will be a successful athlete in her future.



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