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How Many Kids Does McKayla Adkins Have?

McKayla Adkins has been in the spotlight for a while and people have been wondering how many kids she has. But is it really true? Is she really a mom of three? If so, then she must be doing something right. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at McKayla’s life and relationship with her husband, Caelan. Plus, we’ll get a little glimpse into McKayla’s net worth!

About McKayla Adkins

McKayla Adkins is a young mother who is known for her YouTube vlog and her appearance on the TV show Unexpected. She is also a blogger and social media influencer who has earned an estimated net worth of between $1 and $5 million.

McKayla is originally from the United States and has been raised by her grandparents. However, when she was 15 years old, she was cast in the TLC reality show Unexpected. After she gave birth to her first child, she suffered from miscarriage. Then, she became pregnant again. This time, she gave birth to a baby boy.

McKayla’s relationship with Caelan has been on-and-off. Before they were married, they got back together often. Eventually, they split up. When they decided to get married, they moved out of their apartment.

After giving birth to her second child, she struggled with postpartum depression. She is now trying to recover. Her goal is to buy a new house. She is also trying to complete her college degree.


You’ve seen McKayla Adkins on TLC’s Unexpected, but what did she do in the time between the show’s first and second seasons? As a teen, she found love and was pregnant. But the baby died soon after. Now, as an adult, she has two children with her ex-boyfriend Caelan Morrison, and she’s getting ready to become a mother for the third time.

She’s not pregnant yet on season two, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be in Season Three. According to reports, she’s considering leaving the show, which airs Sundays on TLC.

She’s not in the clear yet, but it seems like her relationship with Caelan is going great. They’re both open to welcoming more children into their lives. It’s also been reported that they’ve been planning a wedding.

When they separated, Adkins and Morrison had a tough time co-parenting, especially since they had different ideas about what was best for their children. Ultimately, they reached a custody agreement, which granted them full custody.

Relationship with Caelan

McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison have had a pretty rocky relationship. The couple got together when they were both in high school, and they have had some highs and lows over the years. They have been separated a few times, but they recently decided to get back together.

They are currently living together with their children. However, they have not yet agreed on a custody arrangement. As a result, they are having a court hearing.

McKayla said she and Caelan are doing the best they can to make things work. In fact, they have been going to a therapist together.

McKayla says that Caelan is “completely different” than he was before they began dating. She also revealed that he spanked her son Timothy.

She also claims that he hacked into her social media accounts. This is not the first time that she has claimed that he has done something wrong. She is also claiming that he is trying to take advantage of their children.

Net worth

McKayla Adkins is a famous YouTube star and mother of three. The young mother is worth at least a million dollars.

When she first appeared on Unexpected, she was 19 years old. She has two kids with her boyfriend Caelan Morrison. However, they split in January 2020. But they recently got back together. They moved into a new house, and have been dating for a few months.

Before she met Caelan, she had been in a relationship with another man. In fact, she claimed that he had hacked into her social media accounts.

After McKayla and Caelan broke up, she began dating Ethan. Although they dated for several months, they never publicly mentioned their relationship. During this time, he proposed to her. Eventually, McKayla accepted the proposal.

Despite her engagement, McKayla had her third child, a son, in May 2022. Afterwards, she gave birth to a daughter.

Initially, McKayla Adkins earned a reported $1,000 per episode. Nevertheless, her income dropped down to between $22 and $356.



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